• Proprietary grip textures enhance comfort & grip-ability
  • Low profile, snag free design
  • Made from heat resistant polymer
  • Absorb heat and protect your hands
  • Comes with 3 panels
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight:
    • 2-Slot: 0.39 oz.
    • 3-Slot: 0.46 oz.
  • Width: 0.6"
  • Length:
    • 2-Slot: 3.15"
    • 3-Slot: 4.72"
  • Thickness: 0.153"


  • Any M-LOK system


  • 3x STNGR Gecko M-LOK Rail Cover Panel


If you are building a competition rifle or want a super sleek and stylish AR, you would probably opt for a slim profile M-LOK rail. There are many handguards offered by STNGR that are ideal for a sleek competition gun. However, like any other metal slim profile handguard, there is the chance that they might get hot after the continuous fire.

Obviously, you don't have to worry about that much with a semi-automatic rifle in most circumstances. However, if you have a full-auto rifle or are shooting really quick for a competition and sending a slot of lead downrange, it is good to have a rail cover on your handguard. SNTGR rail cover panels are designed for M-LOK handguards, and they can protect your hands from the heat of the barrel. Also, they can improve the grip and control of your rifle.

Made From Durable Heat Resistant Material

The STNGR Gecko M-LOK handguard cover is designed to keep your hands safe from the heat of the barrel after sustained fire. Therefore, it is made from highly heat-resistant polymer. As a result, you can shoot magazine after magazine through your rifle, and these panels will stay cool, even as the rest of the metal handguard heats up.

These rail cover panels are also very durable and made from rugged use. They don't snag on anything and don't add any considerable bulk to your handguard. So even if you have small hands, you will still be able to get a solid grip with these rail covers, unlike a traditional quad-rail handguard.

Aggressive Grip Texturing

To ensure that your hand doesn't slip off the rails, they have very aggressive grip texturing specifically designed to be comfortable and very grippy. No matter if your hands are wet, sweaty, or you are even wearing gloves, you will be able to get a good grip because of the texting on these rail covers.

Set of Three

You will get three rail covers in a set, which can be added on both sides of your M-LOK handguard and the bottom as well. You can also choose between two sizes of rail cover panels, depending on how much of your rail you want to cover. The small size is 3.15 inches long and covers 2 M-LOK slots, whereas the large size is 4.72 inches long and covers 3 M-LOK slots.

Lightweight Design

In any competition or high-end rifle, the proper weight distribution is very important. Luckily, these rail covers are very light, and their weight won't make your gun front-heavy. They have a slim design and give you the grip and heat resistance of a standard quad rail without being as bulky.

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