• Proprietary grip textures enhance comfort & grip-ability
  • Low profile, snag free design
  • Made from heat resistant polymer
  • Absorb heat and protect your hands
  • Comes with 3 panels
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight:
    • 2-Slot: 0.39 oz.
    • 3-Slot: 0.46 oz.
  • Width: 0.6"
  • Length:
    • 2-Slot: 3.15"
    • 3-Slot: 4.72"
  • Thickness: 0.153"


  • Any M-LOK system


  • 3x STNGR Cyclops M-LOK Rail Cover Panel


STNGR is an American brand that makes some of the best parts and accessories for a wide range of firearms, especially AR-15s. They are known to make some really great low-profile handguards that are super light and look great on your rifle.

However, there is a reason the military doesn't use slim profile M-Lok handguards on their rifles and opt for bulky quad rails instead. You see, on a civilian semi-automatic rifle, heating up of the handguard is not that big of an issue.

An aluminum handguard can stay cool under a significant amount of fire. However, if you shoot in competitions or practice a lot at the range, aluminum handguards can get a little hot. Therefore, STNGR also offers rail cover panels, which can be mounted on your handguard and give you a good place to grip it under sustained fire, even if the rail gets hot.

Low-Profile Design

The STNGR Cyclops M-LOK rail cover has a sleek and low-profile design, and it doesn't add any significant bulk to your handguard. You will still be able to get a good grip on the rifle, even if you have smaller hands.

The rail covers also have an excellent snag-free design. So they won't snag on your clothes or anything else as you move around.

Made From High-Quality Materials

The STNGR Cyclops Rail Cover is made to absorb heat more efficiently than a simple aluminum low-profile handguard, and they also need to be durable and rugged. Therefore, they are made from super heat-resistant solid polymer, which has a proprietary grip texture that improves the grip experience and makes the rifle roe comfortable to shoot as well.

Super Lightweight

These rail cover panels come in a set of three so that you can add them on both sides and the bottom of your handguard. However, they have a very lightweight construction so that they won't add any significant weight to the front of your rifle. Moreover, these rail covers are available in two sizes. You can get either a 2-slot or a 3-slot version.

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