MPN: SAF0001


  • Different Shims for perfect timing


  • Material: Steel
  • Outer Diameter: 0.75"


  • 1/2"x28 threaded barrels


  • 1x Large Shim (180 degrees rotation)
  • 8x Medium Shims (45 degrees rotation)
  • 1x Small Shim (even finer adjustment)
  • 1x Instructions Insert


Are you planning to replace your flash suppressor or your muzzle brake? Maybe you want to swap devices from one rifle to another. If so, you’ll want to be sure that your device is properly seated on your muzzle. That’s where Spike's Tactical Muzzle Device Alignment Set (1/2x28) of peel washers comes in.

Peel washers are designed to ensure the proper “timing” of your device on the muzzle of your rifle. Unlike crush washers, which are single-use only, peel washers are re-usable. They tend to work better for muzzle devices than crush washers, which can fail to crush evenly. It is recommended that you never use a crush washer to seat a flash suppressor. If the washer fails to seat properly, you may destroy your flash suppressor the next time you fire your rifle.

Crush washers are said to require high amounts of torque to properly seat the muzzle device. High levels of torque can place unnecessary stress on the barrel threads. Peel washers, on the other hand, have the ability to be literally “peeled” to decrease their thickness and are considered ideal for indexing muzzle devices.

Spike’s Tactical Muzzle Device Alignment Set is designed for 1/2"x28-inch threaded barrels. The set includes multiple shim sizes for optimal adjustment options.

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