Strike Industries MOD 1 Stock Rubber Buttpad

Strike Industries MOD 1 Stock Rubber Buttpad

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  • Drop-in upgrade for the Strike MOD1 Stock
  • Lightweight and slim profile
  • Enhanced control


  • Material: Rubber (polymer frame)
  • Weight: 0.9 oz.
  • Thickness: 0.36"


  • Strike Industries MOD1 Stock only


  • x1 Rubber buttpad
  • x1 Mounting screw


If you prefer a minimalist stock for your builds, but just aren’t happy with the slick finish on the back of the MOD 1 Stocks by Strike Industries, there is an alternative. The Strike Industries MOD 1 Stock Rubber Buttpad is a direct drop-in addition for the wildly popular Strike Industries MOD 1 Stock system.

You can have the best of both worlds. Simply add the Strike Industries Rubber Butt Pad to your new or existing MOD 1 Stock system and enjoy the extra control that a little added traction adds. You won’t lose out on the benefits of a minimalist stock, but you’ll get a little extra control and recoil protection to boot.

The construction of the Strike Industries MOD 1 Stock Rubber Buttpad is created with a revolutionary design from the innovators at Strike Industries. A rigid polymer frame is covered with impact resistant ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE). This gives you the benefits of both superior strength and resilient materials to give you everything you need. Your shoulder welds will be secure, your rifle remains light and sleek and you enjoy extra recoil control.

The Strike Industries MOD 1 Stock Rubber Buttpad is supplied with a single mounting screw from the manufacturer. That’s all it takes to securely install the MOD 1 Butt Pad. It marries with the Mod1 Stock system flawlessly because it was designed to do exactly that. Its profile is only 36/100 of an inch, nothing like the heavy, clunky butt pads of the past. Your speed and agility won’t suffer, but you’ll have the confidence of a solid, no-slip shoulder weld on your side.

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6 Reviews

  • Butt pad

    Posted by Jesse on 29th Feb 2020

    Very sleek and fits perfectly, lightweight and gives you that little bit of extra pad very comfortable definitely recommend

  • Slick looks, Easy install and Comfortable design

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jun 2017

    Slick looks, Easy install and Comfortable design

  • Perfect fit

    Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2017

    The pad adds a nice finish to the end of the Viper butt stock. Provides some protection to the stock if you need to use the stock if you need to bang it on the ground.

  • Should come standard

    Posted by Robert on 29th Jan 2017

    I found the stock to be useless without this. It comes very slick and slides off the shoulder. If you are buying the stock you need to buy the pad with it. SI should make it standard.

  • Big Improvement

    Posted by MP on 23rd Nov 2016

    This is a must for the Viper stock in my opinion. It should just come with the stock. The stock has no grip on the shoulder especially if you're wearing a ballistic vest.

  • Almost perfect!

    Posted by Matt on 20th Nov 2016

    Flawless product. Perfect fit. Great form, function, and feel. Beware, the tiny screw provided is far too small and strips easy. I grabbed a longer screw from the hardware store, used a little locktite, now it's perfect. Extremely fast shipping too! Thanx Wings!

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