• Weight: 3.28 oz.
  • Material: TPU Rubber and Polymer
  • Length: 1.29"
  • Height: 5.13"
  • Width: 1.68"



There are a lot of small adjustments to make if you want to give yourself a real edge in the field or on the range. There are even multiple considerations to be made when choosing something as seemingly simple as a butt pad for your stock. Strike Industries has done an awesome job in bringing a number of options to the shooter with the design and implementation of their Modular Fixed Stock System. The Strike Modular Stock System offers a number of options that create customized fit and function for the field operator and range rat alike. For those who want a longer length of pull, or need a little extra work out of their recoil pad, the Strike Industries Modular Fixed Stock Extended Rubber Butt Pad is an easy choice. The MFS Butt Pads make it easy to get a little extra edge, whether you need increased length of pull that shimming won’t give or a little more forgiveness in the recoil department.

Increased Length of Pull, Maximum Comfort

The Modular Fixed Stock brings a lot of options to the table for a fixed stock arrangement. If you’ve shimmed it out when mounting you can get a somewhat customized length of pull, but the addition of Extended MFS Butt Pads will add an additional 1.25 inches to the overall length of pull when mounted correctly. Not only does it give you a little extra arm extension, it’s a quality recoil pad that will allow you to better control your weapon without compromising comfort.

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