Strike Industries AR Stock Stop Fixed Stock Converter

Strike Industries AR Stock Stop Fixed Stock Converter

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  • Keeps the look of your collapsible stock and converts it to a fixed configuration instantly
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • High strength TPU material to withstand recoil and securely stay in place
  • No modification to the receiver extension necessary


  • Weight: 0.12 oz.
  • Material: TPU-85A (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
  • Length: 3.48"
  • Width: 0.334"
  • Height: 0.422"


  • Mil-Spec 6-position buffer tube and Strike Industries 7-Position Advanced Receiver Extension


If you have an adjustable stock and carbine buffer tube combination that you love the feel of, but you need an AR fixed stock, Strike Industries has a solution that won’t break the bank or require permanent alterations. Whether you intend to use it for a temporary trial or as a permanent installation, the Strike Industries Stock Stop effectively adapts your existing convertible stock to function as a single position, AR fixed stock.

Strike Industries Stock Stop: Simple Installation, Widespread Compatibility

The Strike Industries Stock Stop is an easy to use stock stop that allows the user to convert virtually any multi-position stock and receiver extension combination into a fixed position stock. It’s simple to use, made of high-quality TPU-85A thermoplastic polyurethane and works well with 6-position aftermarket tubes or Strike’s own 7-Position Receiver Extension. Just cut the SI Stock Stop to the appropriate length for your application, leaving only the final extension available, drop it in and you’re ready to go. The Stock Stop won’t allow further adjustment of your stock and is designed to remain in place without drawing attention to itself. There is no need to drill holes in your stock and place a permanent pin to recreate your adjustable stock as a fixed unit.

Quality Products Give You an Edge

Whether it’s an SI AR Stock Stop or any of their other innovative products, you can rest assured that the Strike Industries components and accessories you order from Wing Tactical are designed to give you an advantage in the real world. Strike doesn’t manufacture a product just to turn a profit, and Wing Tactical doesn’t stock flavor of the week garbage just to push the profit margin. Together Wing Tactical and Strike Industries bring you quality products that give you an edge. Strike First, Strike Hard.

Note: This device is made to conform to the DOJ criteria but has not been approved. If the Stock Block is used in conjunction with other features on the CA DOJ banned features list, the host system no longer constitutes a “featureless” build. Please consult your local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

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8 Reviews

  • This is the easiest way...

    Posted by R. Escobar on 14th Sep 2021

    To make your rifle stock compliant in CA. I like the fact that this product gives you a better option than drilling a hole and pinning your stock. You can’t go wrong with the price either.

  • Fixed stock converter

    Posted by Michael Jacildo on 6th Aug 2020

    Easy to install and very affordable. Works as advertised

  • Stock stop

    Posted by Tony Solorzano on 22nd Jan 2019

    Best and least expensive way to go Ca. Featureless.

  • Simple to use works as it should took 2 minutes

    Posted by Dennis george on 30th Dec 2018

    Way easier than the other one with bolts and nuts and no removing parts from stock


    Posted by Steve on 11th Sep 2018

    Before you cut the strip, figure out which hole on the buffer tube suits you best. Then cut to expose that hole.

  • Quick And Easy Featureless Compliance Device

    Posted by J.D. on 9th Aug 2018

    Strike Industries AR stock stop is one of the easiest and quickest way to convert your collapsible stock to be in compliance with a featureless build. It's simple to install instructions are straightforward it can be configured to fit a 6 position collapsible stock or a 7 position collapsible stock. Once it's installed into the buffer tube slots for the collapsible stock. It fits extremely snug so it falling out isn't an issue. Purchasing it at Wing Tactical you can't go wrong take a look at the other products they have here too. I don't get anything for this review. I just want to give you heads up for a those who are looking for a quick and easy solution so you're not having to get rid of your collapsible stock.

  • Best solution for a fixed stock.

    Posted by V. M. Avila on 28th Jun 2018

    The was perfect for my application. The second to the last hole is my preferred option, but this could easily be marked by the manufacturer to be used in the other length of pull positions. Also, easily reversible is needed.

  • Good to go

    Posted by L. J. Perreira on 9th Apr 2018

    Fixed my Magpul stock, just as advertised. Would have liked more position options for length of pull. But, overall, very happy with this product.

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