• Skeleton design provides a modern aesthetic look
  • Extremely light weight yet strong
  • Black Nitride finish for corrosion resistant
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material:
    • Gas Block: 303 Stainless steel
    • Adjustment Screw: Stainless Steel
    • Locking Screw: Brass
  • Finish:
    • Gas Block: Black Nitride
    • Adjustment Screw: High Temperature Anti-Seize
    • Locking Screw: High Temperature Anti-Seize
  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Height: 1.403"
  • Length: 1"
  • Width: 0.953"


  • AR-15 and AR-10 barrel with .750" gas seat


  • 1x Velocity AR Adjustable Gas Block
  • 2x Set Screws
  • 1x Adjustment Screw
  • 1x Locking Screw
  • 1x Gas Tube Roll Pin
  • 1x Allen Wrench for Set Screws
  • 1x Allen Wrench for Adjustment Screw
  • 1x Allen Wrench for Locking Screw


Do you really want to venture into the wonderful world of AR tuning? Well, if your goal is a self-defense PDW, then run a full weight M-16 BCG, standard gas block and forget the rest of this article. On the other hand, if you like to tinker. Maybe work up one of those competition race guns. Perhaps, to see how easy an AR-15 can shoot, then read on.

Less Can Be More

A Velocity AR-15 adjustable gas block is used to limit the amount of gas traveling back to the BCG. As a result, you can tune your AR to fire a specific load or to run a low-mass BCG. When done correctly, you wind up with a weapon that renders as little muzzle rise and recoil as possible. The Velocity AR-15 adjustable gas block has no effect of your weapons velocity. Its main impact is on reliability and recoil. Additionally, an adjustable .750 gas block means you transfer less gas, therefore, less pressure to cause fatigue and contamination in your BCG.

Start Better, End Better

Every .750 gas block is not created equal. Think about how corrosive that hot, carbon filled gas is to the internals of your weapon. Except for the inside of the barrel, the .750 gas block takes the full force of it. That's why instead of cutting corners, the guys at Velocity went all in. They chose rugged 303 Stainless Steel and then gave it a black nitride finish. The result is the Velocity AR-15 adjustable gas block. It's hard, durable, and corrosion resistant. This adjustable gas block is a must have if you're running suppressed. Plus, it gives you something else to play with, which we all like.

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