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In 2008, Tom Vehr founded Vehr Manufacturing. Vehr is the parent company of Velocity Triggers, the Phoenix, Arizona-based manufacturer of precision-designed and manufactured triggers for AR platform firearms. The birth of the brand was by no means the beginning, but rather the next logical step in Vehr’s 30-year career spent designing and manufacturing triggers for the small arms community.

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The Velocity Triggers Difference

Whether you turn to Velocity Precision Engineering for a trigger, an AR trigger guard, or an AR end plate, it won’t take long to see what sets this manufacturer apart from other companies in the firearms industry. Their products are 100% American-made, using carefully chosen domestic materials. Every component that goes into a Velocity AR trigger is manufactured with the proper materials and treatments to provide the best performance and longest service life possible. These products are always built for superior performance, from the quality tool steel used in their hammers and disconnects to the 6061 T6 aluminum of their housings.

Before offering any products for sale, every Velocity drop-in trigger is coated with a Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC), and hammers and disconnects are given Robar’s NP3 treatment. Even the exterior housing is given a quality anodized finish for corrosion resistance. In the quest to provide the smoothest, best-performing triggers for your money, every Velocity AR trigger combines the best of today’s technology with skill and know-how developed over 30 years in the trigger business.

Velocity Classic Drop-In AR Trigger

Velocity AR Trigger

While Velocity Triggers has grown over the years to include so many different kinds of high-quality products, the foundation of the company was built on its ability to produce the best Velocity AR triggers in the business. The Velocity Classic Drop-In AR Trigger is one of the many top-notch triggers available through Velocity Triggers. This Velocity drop-in trigger comes with a complete drop-in assembly that’ll set you up with a nice, clean feel and makes it seem like you’re using a bolt-action rifle when you pick up your AR-15 and fire it.

Velocity Triggers Sentinel AR-15 Trigger Guard

Velocity Trigger Guard

If your current trigger isn’t getting the job done anymore, the Velocity Triggers Sentinel AR-15 Trigger Guard can serve as an excellent replacement. It’s specifically designed for those who have larger hands or plan to use their AR-15 with gloves on their hands on a regular basis. This drop-in replacement will work well with any Velocity AR trigger.

Velocity AR-15 Quick Detach End Plate

Velocity End Plate

The Velocity AR-15 Quick Detach End Plate is constructed out of lightweight aluminum, and it includes a QD or attachment point that can be utilized in conjunction with push button slings. It also features a counterbore that is milled directly into the plate to both align and hold your AR-15’s rear takedown pin detent spring in the correct position.

Velocity AR Adjustable Gas Block

Velocity Gas Block

If you would like to stop experiencing muzzle rise every time you fire your AR-15, the Velocity AR Adjustable Gas Block can help. It’ll enable you to take control of how much gas is able to reach the bolt carrier group (BCG) in your rifle. This particular gas block is made out of stainless steel, and it has a beautiful black nitride finish on it to make it strong and durable.

Wing Tactical: The Very Best Products From Velocity Triggers

Armed with thousands of different rifle and handgun components and accessories, Wing Tactical is the supplier that first responders, civilian gun owners, active duty military personnel, and so many others have turned to for all their firearm needs time and time again. We carry a number of products from Velocity Precision Engineering, including the best Velocity AR trigger, trigger guard, end plate, and gas block for your rifle.

Wing Tactical is a veteran-founded company that knows how essential it is for gun owners to be able to depend on their firearms and get the best possible performances out of them. For this reason, we work to test every product we sell both from Velocity Precision Engineering and other manufacturers so that you’re able to get your hands on triggers, trigger guards, and other items you can count on.

Would you like help choosing the right products from Velocity Triggers to use with your AR-15? Our experts would be more than happy to talk to you about any Velocity drop-in trigger or other products you see on our website. Contact us today to talk to one of them about the AR-15 parts you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the triggers from Velocity Triggers unique?

Velocity Triggers is far from the only company manufacturing triggers for AR-15s and other firearms. But Velocity triggers are some of the only triggers designed to make an AR-15 feel like a bolt-action sniper rifle. A Velocity AR trigger will come in the form of a pre-assembled housing that can be installed directly into an AR lower receiver.

How hard is it to install a Velocity AR trigger?

You’ll be so happy to hear that installing a Velocity AR trigger is extremely easy. Since it’ll be a pre-assembled housing, you should be able to put it in place within just minutes without any previous experience or gunsmithing.

What is Diamond Like Carbon Coating (DLC)?

Velocity Triggers has started to use a Diamond-Like Carbon Coating (DLC) on almost every Velocity drop-in trigger it offers. It helps to reduce friction and add hardness to a Velocity AR trigger. It also provides added wear resistance to an AR-15’s trigger.

Are all Velocity Triggers really made in the USA?

Some companies claim to make their products in the U.S. but only make a few of them in America. This is not the case with Velocity Triggers! Every Velocity AR trigger and all the other products are 100% made in the USA.

What are the benefits of buying a Velocity drop-in trigger?

The benefits of investing in a Velocity AR trigger are virtually endless. Velocity triggers will give you better command of your firearm and potentially improve your accuracy. They’ll also set you up with triggers that will last for a long time and provide you with the performance you’ll need.