• Dimpled end for easier push
  • Mil-Spec .250" dimension
  • Comes with detents and detent springs


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 0.49 oz. (both pins combined)


  • 1x Pivot Pin
  • 1x Takedown Pin
  • 2x Detents
  • 2x Detent Springs


In the tactical parts market, you might assume that some parts are pretty much the same no matter where they come from. After all, what can you really do to make one pin or spring better than another? If that’s the way you think of things, it’s time to take a seat. You’re in for a paradigm shift right now. Armaspec’s Enhanced Takedown Pin Set is everything you need in an AR15/M16/M4 pin set but never even knew existed.

It’s a Pin, How Special Can It Be?

That’s a fair question. Pins all work the same way, right? You push it through some holes in a couple of parts that line up and they’re more or less held together until you take the pin out again. Sort of, well, if you can get them in. Or Out. Or if they’ll stay in. And if you don’t break something in the process. You see what I’m getting at, right? There’s a lot of room for improvement in your basic pin design and Armaspec has taken the time to make some big improvements.

Easy to Install and Remove

Both the Armaspec Pivot Pin and the Takedown Pin have the same great features. A convex head gives you the option to tap your pin in from any angle that’s convenient for you. They’re designed to let you do the work without a lot of fuss. Removing the pins is no more of a heartache than installing them. Even if you’re working on a stubborn pivot pin, the concave tip is extended for easy access and sure purchase with a handy flat or pointed object. If you’re in the field and all you have is the ammunition you’re carrying and you need to tear down for maintenance, all you need is a bullet tip to move that takedown pin so you can get operational again as soon as possible.

Security Without Extra Hardware

The Armaspec Enhanced Takedown Pin and Pivot Pin Set include their patented EZ-Set™ feature. The EZ-Set™ makes detent installation easy and sure without a lot of hassle. When you use Armaspec’s Enhanced Pin Set, you’ll understand the difference a quality Pin can make in your life.

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