• AR15 Compatible - fits all AR15 lower receivers with Mil-Spec .250" diameter front pivot and rear takedown pin holes.
  • Patent Pending Pin Head Designs - greatly improved gripping surface and pull strength without the use of oversize heads.
  • Low Profile Pin Heads - low drag and never in the way. Lower profile than mil-spec pin heads.
  • Ambidextrous Safety Compatible - the ETP (Enhanced Takedown Pin) head design does not obstruct the use of the right side ambi safety selector lever.
  • Extended Pin Tips (+0.030" over Mil-Spec) - added tip length noticeably aids in starting/pushing the pins out from the left side of the receiver, without undue protrusion.
  • Bullet Tip Guide - cone shaped recess at both pin tips prevent accidental bullet or tool slip and reduced the chance of scratching/damaging of the receiver.
  • Patent Pending EZ Guide Channel & Magnetic Assist Install - Easy, hassle free magnet assisted installation of the EPP (Enhanced Pivot Pin). No more lost detents and springs.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Mil-Spec black manganese phosphate
  • Weight:
    • Pivot Pin: 0.28 oz.
    • Takedown Pin: 0.21 oz.
  • Pin Diameter: ~0.248"


  • AR-15


  • 1x Enhanced Takedown Pin
  • 1x Enhanced Pivot Pin
  • 2x KNS hardened stainless steel detents
  • 2x 17-7 nickel plated stainless steel pin springs
  • 1x High-strength neodymium magnet for hassle free magnet assisted installation of the Enhanced Pivot Pin.


  • Incompatible with the AX556
  • Depending on your receiver, may not be compatible with the KNS anti-walk sear pin without modificaiton to the KNS anti-walk sear pin.


Battle Arms Development produces the Enhanced Takedown and Pivot Pins Set (EPS) for AR15 users who require the best in every single part of their rifles.

The EPS makes disassembly easier than ever. The enlarged pin tips make it a breeze to push the pins through from the left side of the rifle without creating a snag point. The pin heads are knurled around the sides and tapered inward to form a superior gripping surface.

Another useful feature is the presence of cone-shaped dimples on both sides of the takedown pin, which prevent pin punches from sliding off and scratching the receiver during disassembly or reassembly. The EPS is also fully compatible with ambidextrous safety selectors.

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