MPN: Buffer Detent


  • Machined from quality steel
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Black Oxide


  • AR-15 and AR-10


All of the tiny parts in your AR that get forgotten are still crucial to its operation. Whether you’re doing a fresh build, building a Franken-rifle out of leftover parts, or doing upgrades on your favorite range rifle, you need every spring and pin in place when you’re done or your weapon isn’t going to operate correctly. Lose or break one little piece and it all goes south. KNS offers a line of replacement pins and detents for tactical weapons that will solve the problems caused by those little indiscretions. The KNS Buffer Retainer is one of those spare parts that is invaluable when you need it.

Why Would I Need A Replacement AR-15 Buffer Retainer?

AR-15 Buffer Retainers don’t go very often, but if you need one, they’re not as disposable as you might think. Unless you’re using a captive buffer system, you’ll be reminded of the need for an AR-15 buffer retainer every time you pull your receiver apart.

Your buffer surface is smooth as glass. It needs to be that way to move freely within the receiver extension without wearing the inside of the tube. If it doesn’t move freely every cycle it can’t do its job. If your detent is missing or fails and your buffer escapes when you take your receiver apart it could become damaged. A damaged buffer will cause poor performance and could lead to the failure of your buffer system. Likewise, if you switch from a captive buffer assembly to a traditional buffer system, you will need to place a buffer retainer to keep your buffer in place when the system is open.

KNS Precision Quality

KNS offers their replacement AR-15 buffer retainer to keep your buffer where it belongs. The KNS Buffer retainer is machined from quality American steel and given a durable black oxide finish. You can expect years of worry-free service from this quality buffer detent from KNS Precision.

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