MPN: SED7003 / SED7005 /SED7007 / SED7010 /SED7011 / SED7018


  • Mil-Spec ejection port door constructed from stamped steel
  • Great way to customize your rifle
  • Laser engraved images
  • The Spike's Tactical Dust Cover comes in:
    • Pirate and "Arrah" engraved
    • Punisher and Battle Flag engraved
    • Punisher and U.S. Flag engraved
    • "Zombie Killer" engraved
    • Spider and Battle Flag engraved
    • Spider and Bio Hazard engraved
    • Crusader edition
    • Molon Labe engraved


  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Mil-Spec Phosphate
  • Weight: 0.5 oz.


  • Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper Receiver


Very few AR-15 owners think of the dust cover as an item to be embellished, but Spike's Tactical provides the option with their laser etched ejection port door. All of the strict quality standards that Spike's is known for are applied to this accessory. Whether you need a Spikes ejection port cover is a valid question. If your gun stays in a case until you take it out at the pristine indoor range, then you can probably get away without putting on any custom M4 ejection port covers. However, in just about any other scenario, it would be irresponsible not to run a Spikes ejection port cover.

Consider for a moment all the expensive moving parts that even an engraved ejection port cover protects. Sand, mud, sticks, and even bugs inside the action of your gun can turn your once reliable AR-15 into a bat. Installing a Spikes engraved ejection port cover keeps out everything that doesn't belong in there.

Spikes Ejection Port Cover Gives Your AR-15 A Custom Touch

Spikes Tactical has given you a low-cost, convenient way to put your own flavor on your weapon. Their custom M4 ejection port covers add a touch of up-close class to your upper. It is stamped from stainless steel before receiving a Mil-Spec phosphate finish. This protects it from the elements as well as gases and fouling from inside of the rifle. But the centerpiece of this ejection port door is the design laser engraved onto the visible side. The laser etching process results in a design that is crisp, clear, and permanent. Several different designs are available, allowing you to give your AR-15 a personalized element.

I Know You Want To, But Try Not to Show Off Too Much with Your Engraved Ejection Port Cover

If you follow military protocol or even use common sense you will keep your engraved ejection port dust cover closed. Some uninformed people are in the habit of allowing their engraved ejection port dust cover to remain open to show of the custom engraving. Last year I was at a small local match and there was a kid there who had a punisher dust cover on his AR that he always left hanging open. One stumble just after lunch and his gun ate a load of sand, then locked up tight. Hard lesson, now he shuts his punisher dust cover.

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