• Durable titanium construction
  • Modern upgrade in both design and appearance
  • Titanium plunger secured by a stainless roll pin
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium
  • Finish: Raw Titanium Finish
  • Weight: 0.42 oz.


  • Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper


  • 1x V Seven Titanium AR-15 Ejection Port Door

*Does not come with a port door rod.


Are you ready to upgrade your AR-15 to the 21st century? Well, there are a number of elements to consider. Stamped steel was a fine fit for fifty years in the past when Armalight rolled out during the Vietnam war. However, modern metallurgy has brought space-age alloys to the market, in this case, in the form of titanium. New age form meets old school function with the V Seven Titanium ejection port door. This dust cover is the next upgrade you need to push your AR-15 over the top.

This Titanium Ejection Port Door is Not Off the Shelf, It's Off the Chain

The V Seven Titanium ejection port door isn't some stamped steel, mass produced cover. V Seven machines this component to Mil-Spec standards but with a high-tech custom touch. Sure, you could opt for a cheap, polymer knockoff. At the end that's just what will happen, you will knock it off. That's just what you can expect from a low-end ejection port door. They're made to install, break, replace and repeat. When you make this one simple little change, you make a major upgrade in form and function for your AR.

Perfectly Simple

The V Seven Titanium ejection port door is lighter and stronger than steel. In choosing titanium for this cover, V Seven goes where its competition dares not to venture. V Seven doesn't create your new ejection port door lightly. It carries V Sevens lifetime warranty so you know this is the last ejection port door you're ever going to have to buy. You certainly don't need to cover your AR-15 with crazy, psychedelic, anodized colors to make a statement, V Seven says it all.

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