• 45% lighter than standard Mil-Spec steel pins
  • Stronger than steel takedown pins
  • Mil-Spec .250" dimension
  • Great against corrosion


  • Material: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Finish: Raw or Black Ionbond (DLC)
  • Weight:
    • Takedown Pin: 0.11 oz.
    • Pivot Pin: 0.14 oz.


  • AR-15


  • x1 V Seven Titanium AR-15 Pivot Pin
  • x1 V Seven Titanium AR-15 Takedown Pin


When you consider the finer aspects of your AR-15 you’ll come upon those little things that make the difference between just another weapon and your weapon. Of course, everybody's opinion of what is important differs, but what really matters is a simple fact. The simple fact is that if you have inferior AR-15 takedown pins installed eventually they will fail, you don’t want that.

Two Worlds Collide

In the battle between explosive force and your receivers’ steel, you must have a set of V Seven Titanium Takedown Pins on your side if you want to win. It’s not enough to simply have a pin to put into a hole, you want a set of AR-15 takedown pins that will keep everything where it should be. Consider for a moment how many times you will tear down your weapon for cleaning and maintenance, then think about the wear a steel pin is going to suffer. V Seven Titanium Takedown Pins are harder and stronger than steel so that wear issue is now somebody else's problem.

Problem Solved

A major destroyer of AR-15 takedown pins, as well as most steel, is corrosion. In addition to being lighter than steel, your V Seven Titanium Takedown Pins will not corrode so now that concern is put to rest. Of course, V Seven Weapon Systems brings not only a high-quality product to add to your weapon, but they stand behind it with a lifetime warranty. You can get these takedown pins in either raw titanium or black to fit the motif you want to give to your weapon's receiver. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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Reviews (7)

  • They're lighter and stronger than steel enough said

    Posted by Carlos Gaxiola on 26th Apr 2021

    Very easy to install

  • Definitely worth it i was unsure when i bought them but ive changed my mind since then

    Posted by Carlos Gaxiola on 28th Mar 2021

    Titanium is lighter and stronger than steel and the coating is nice

  • V Seven = Durability

    Posted by Geo on 12th Mar 2021

    Durable & lite weight. Fit perfectly in a AR9 Lower. It will fit Mil-Spec AR15 lowers as well.

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