• Built to Mil-Spec dimensions
  • Made from grade 5 titanium - superior strength
  • Lighter than standard Mil-Spec steel barrel nut
  • Laser engraved V Seven logo
  • Made in the U.S.A.

*Recommended installation torque is 40 FT. LBS.


  • Material: Grade 5 Titanium
  • Finish: Raw Titanium or Black Ionbond (DLC)
  • Weight: 0.74 oz.


  • AR-15


When you finally decide to take your extreme new build all the way, you start to look at the little things that put it right over the top. Not too long ago you wouldn’t have had this luxury, however, now you can take it to the limit, and beyond. One of those awesome little touches is the little barrel nut, necessary but often overlooked. You can look the world over, and never find a classier touch than the V7 Titanium Barrel Nut.

V7 Titanium Barrel Nut: Have to Have It

Please don’t listen to some of the fringe elements that suggest you that barrel nut is a barrel nut, there are all created equally. The thing was not put there for aesthetics, it is the only part that holds your barrel in place. Consequently, if a inferior quality barrel nut broke you may wind up with an expensive barrel launcher. You need to get a titanium barrel nut, torque it down and leave it there. The V7 Titanium Barrel Nut ensures proper headspace is maintained, therefore, your accuracy is preserved.

Is It Good Enough?

That’s kind of a rhetorical question, good enough for whom, like when a commercial says the food has 1/3 fewer calories, what does that even mean? For many people, the standard steel barrel nut is fine, but is that a fit for your new build? A titanium barrel nut is far superior in strength, and here comes your chance to shave a few more grams of weight off your lightweight build. Bottom line, unless you throw it at a spider, this V7 Titanium Barrel Nut is the last one you’ll ever need. So, check out this titanium barrel nut, check out the competition, and get one today.

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