Timney Remington 700 Straight Trigger w/ Safety (Adjustable 1.5 - 4 lb)

Timney Remington 700 Straight Trigger w/ Safety (Adjustable 1.5 - 4 lb)

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  • Self-contained drop in design
  • Trigger blocking side safety
  • Adjustable from 1.5 lbs. - 4 lbs.


  • Material: Heat Treated Steel Trigger with 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing
  • Finish: Black
  • Type: Single-Stage
  • Pull Weight: 1.5 - 4 lbs.
  • Trigger Style: Straight Trigger


  • Remington Model 700 and all 700 Actioned clones
  • Remington Model 673
  • Remington Model 721
  • Remington Model 722
  • Remington Model 725
  • Christensen Arms Carbon One
  • Defiance Machine 700 Action
  • Les Bear Tactical Bolt Action
  • Nesika Tactical Action
  • Remington XP-100R
  • Sendero Reminton M722


You know, if you want to get better accuracy and consistency out of your Remington 700 there are three big things you can do. The options are a match grade barrel, a high-end scope, and just what trigger you squeeze. Granted, any one of the three can make you a better shooter. However, when you consider that a high-end barrel or scope could easily cost way more than you spent on that rifle, that only leaves one option. A Remington 700 aftermarket trigger will give you the most bang for your buck.

If you need a replacement flat trigger for your Remington 700, and you want the installation process to be as simple as possible, the Timney Remington 700 Straight Trigger w/ Safety is your best deal yet. The drop-in design of this Remington 700 trigger replacement makes it easy for those who are not especially tool-savvy to swap out the old and bring in the new.

An Match Grade Remington 700 Trigger Replacement That Won't Break The Bank

Of course, just dropping any old Remington 700 aftermarket trigger in your rifle isn't the complete answer. A Timney 517 trigger is the highest quality trigger at the best price. In fact, at this price, you won't find a gunsmith who can do any better custom trigger job for you. Most people think a Remington 700 trigger replacement is an upgrade. However, the first time you squeeze that new Timney 517 trigger the word upgrade won't cross your mind. Instead, the word necessity will take its place.

The right Remington 700 trigger replacement will get rid of all the major issues you have with a factory trigger. All of a sudden things like trigger creep and overtravel become someone else's problem. A Timney 517 trigger breaks like a glass rod. You will never get lost in the trigger, waiting for the rifle to fire. Once you get used to your new trigger, it will seem to fire on command.

Remington 700 Aftermarket Trigger That Install In Seconds

Who said that replacing your Remington 700 trigger assembly was hard? This drop-in Remington 700 trigger assembly is as easy to install as one-two-three. You simply remove the existing pins and trigger, insert the replacement and install new pins. The straight design of this trigger provides the shooter with better finger contact for more precise shots. Fully adjustable from 1.5 to 4 pounds, the Timney Straight Trigger is made from heat-treated tool steel with a 6061-T6 aluminum housing to ensure its durability for years to come.

About Timney Trigger:

Timney Triggers was created by Allen Timney, who saw a need for triggers that were easy to install during the post World War II period. The company began producing triggers for bolt-action rifles at the beginning, but has since expanded to creating high-quality products for semi-automatic and AR rifles, as well as archery triggers. Timney Triggers continues to live up to its motto to produce “The World’s Finest Triggers.”

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