AB Arms MOD-X Remington 700 Modular Rifle System

AB Arms MOD-X Remington 700 Modular Rifle System

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  • Easy to assemble, drop-in design
  • 0 MOA Mil-Spec 1913 scope rail included
  • KeyMod slots on three sides of the forearm
  • Conventional mounting slots on two sides
  • Lightweight
  • Side folder model available (Innovative tumbler-style, side-folder mechanism)
  • Accept all after-market trigger systems
  • Free-floating modular forearm
  • Multi-point radial cut inlet which allows barreld action to sit in stress free for utmost accuracy (no V-block)
  • Will accommodate barrels as thick as the action
  • Designed to accept any AR-15 rifle buttstock and pistol grip
  • Accept MDT and AICS-style magazines in .308 Win. and .223 Rem.
  • Available in side folder model
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Weight:
    • Standard: 3 lb. 2 oz.
    • Side Folder: 3 lb. 6 oz.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized
  • Length:
    • Overall (Standard): 31.25" - 32.5"
    • Forend: 11.5"
    • Top Rail: 19.69"
  • Length of Pull:
    • Standard: 10.62" to 15.69"
    • Side Folder: 12.35" to 17.25"


  • Remington 700 Short Action - Right Hand

**Which calibers are long action and which are short action? Learn more..


  • 1x AB Arms Fixed-Adjustable Urban Sniper Stock
  • 1x Mod-X Gen III receiver
  • 1x AB Arms SBR P-Grip


If you’d like an easy-to-assemble, drop-in chassis for your Remington 700 short action rifle, you will find that the American Build Arms Company (AB Arms) GEN III MOD-X Modular Rifle System is just the thing.

The Gen 3 MOD-X modular rifle system is lightweight and ergonomically-designed for ease of use. The modular foundation of this chassis enables the user to customize it with tactical accessories suitable for the mission at hand. This system is compatible with .308 Win and .223 Rem MDT and AICS-style magazines.

The handy KeyMod slots of this chassis permit the installation of multiple rail sections for increased functionality. The MOD-X arrives with a AB Arms' Urban Sniper stock and a free-floating forend. Those of you who are patriotic will be happy to know that this product is proudly made in the U.S.A.

About AB Arms:

AB Arms is committed to building “better and stronger” to help support the work of those whose lives are on the line every day. The company’s commitment to high-quality products makes it a trusted name in the military, tactical and hunting worlds. Law enforcement officers, and private security companies depend on AB Arms products when it matters most.

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5 Reviews

  • Nice upgrade

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2018

    This stock is a great upgrade for your SA Rem 700. Very east install, takes 20 min. with an inch pound torque screwdriver. The only hard part is finding a 10 and ACIS style magazine in stock>

  • I spoke too soon!

    Posted by Caleb M. on 23rd May 2018

    My action didn’t fit into the chassis and I figured it was a problem on AB Arms side. I emailed AB Arms, and they told me that they were aware of a potential issue with the bolt release — for Rem 700 — being too large to fit into the chassis. So they emailed me back and said they will take care of the issue no problem.

  • Fantastic Chassis

    Posted by David on 12th Mar 2017

    Great chassis and great service by Wing Tactical. Arrived at my home within a couple of days of ordering. The chassis is insanely well machined and everything fits together perfectly. Extremely easy to put together. I have two left hands when it comes to building anything and I was able to knock this out in about half an hour taking my sweet time. One note: make sure you have an INCH POUND torque wrench (not foot pounds!!) and a set of torx head drive bits and allen (hex) head drive bits in your tool kit. The chassis comes with both types of screws and they need to be torqued down properly.

  • Great chassis for the money!...best price online!!

    Posted by Randall on 2nd Jan 2017

    Ordered my chassis from wing tactical...the site said it would be at my house by Dec.27 ..but it came Dec. 24 which was awesome...the packaging was also excellent...the box it was packed in was packed in a box which had padding great job by these guys.. Also worth mentioning the fact that the price was the best online..opened it up read the instructions for a second started bolting it together..super easy..took like 5-10 mins ....like the attention to detail with the adjustment screw on the folding stock for a solid lock up.. The kit came with all associated hardware and wrenches..another plus.. The only down side to this set up is in my opinion the stock.. It looks awesome but the point where the shoe of the stock meets attachment to the rifle needs more meat... Kinda bends and moves a little under a load it could break...will replace it with xlr taclite like my others.. Cool thing to note is that it's tapped for adding pads/spacers...so if you don't change it you can do that..im a smaller guy 5'-7" this things adjustment works for me you can change it to fit you very easily..another thing I would like to seen on the stock is a adjustment to change the shoe of the stocks' height because if you are prone shooting flat you can't get the shoe in the pocket of your shoulder ..or will be riding you collar bone.... But anyway this is awesome chassis.finish is great.fit of parts is also great,no slop does a excellent job of making my rem 700 sps tactical look as good as it shoots.. I'll post a update after shooting this thing..as to barrel harmonics/ accuracy. and if the stock hold true..

  • One of the best remington chassis out there.

    Posted by Kujin on 12th Oct 2015

    The AB arms mod X chassis turn your regular Remington 700 into a modular rifle, being able to add any accessories you want key mod rail Luth AR buttstock. where the chassis shines its How nicely machined it is. the chassis has a tight fit making for tighter groups. after adding this chassis I noticed my groups went from 3/4 MOA @ 100 to 1/4 MOA using 175grain Gorilla Ammunition. Highly recommended.

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