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AB Arms

American Built Arms Company of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, is proud to be American and support America’s workers, the soldiers, and police officers who put their lives on the line to protect us all. Good enough just isn’t enough to meet the rigorous standards at AB Arms. Their philosophy is “to build it better and build it stronger because sometimes lives are on the line.”

Every piece American Built Arms produces has been designed for those who are truly engaged in battle. As their name proudly proclaims, all of their components are manufactured in the United States and always will be.

AB arms handguard products have been designed to be far more than the average barrel cage with a chunk of rail attached. Each AB Arms handguard is built of a proprietary, fiber-reinforced, heat-stable nylon lined with upper and lower metallic heat shields. The ergonomic grip features a hand stop and surface texture to provide a solid hold even when under heavy fire conditions.

Build It Better and Build It Stronger

All of AB Arms’ products are built with combat in mind. Their goal is to provide the best possible products at the best price. Every piece they produce is built to withstand the hardcore use of combat personnel and real life tactical use.

As a veteran owned company, American Built Arms knows what it takes to support a strong nation. The sweat and ingenuity of America’s workers and the sacrifice of her soldiers are what made this country great and must continue to. American Built Arms, because failure is not an option.