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Powder River Precision

Powder River Precision (PRP) brings the small arms market a variety of innovative products that make improving the performance of your pistol a simple matter of choosing the correct upgrade parts for your application. the Powder River Trigger is so good it's been recognized by the American Pistol Smiths Guild. Now, that's making the grade.

Powder River Precision American All the Way

Powder River Precision makes its home in Baker City, Oregon. There’s no rush to production in the small town where Powder River makes its home, they put the time in that it takes to produce superior parts. Powder River designs and manufactures their line of Springfield upgrade parts the way they should, with the intention of perfecting the performance of every weapon they’re added to. While some might think that’s a little high-minded, Powder River understands that the only way to reach perfection is to reach for it. When you’re ready, give a Powder River trigger a try.

Wing Tactical and PRP

Wing Tactical is proud to bring our customers the Powder River Precision line of pistol upgrade parts. The Powder River team wants nothing more than to help shooters perfect their own weapons. They design and manufactures parts for the Springfield XD/XDM that’s intended to do just that. From their purpose designed XD/XDM pin set to their complete drop-in Powder River Precision trigger kit for the XDM, Powder River Precision pushes for perfection.

At Wing Tactical, improving the accessibility of parts like the Powder River Precision Trigger Kit is one way that we can fulfill our mission to bring quality and value to shooters of every walk of life. Whether you’re active duty military personal, law enforcement, a competitive shooter, or a weekend plinker, you deserve the best value in firearms parts and accessories we can provide.