True Precision Glock 26 Match Grade X-Fluted Barrel

True Precision Glock 26 Match Grade X-Fluted Barrel

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  • Broach cut 6-groove rifling allows for all ammo types to be used safely, including cast lead
  • 100% Designed and manufactured in the USA with USA sourced certified steel
  • Polished feed ramp
  • Fluted barrel to reduce weight and help cool down quicker
  • Special 10-degree recessed target crown (Competition Style)
  • Fully supported chamber
  • Advanced Broach Cut process
  • 9mm 1/10 RH twist rifling
  • Improved overall fit from OEM
  • Finish that matches your style - available in Polished Stainless Steel finish, Titanium Nitride, and Black DLC


  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Length: 3.312"
  • Material: 416R Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.569"
  • Outside Finish:
    • Black DLC
    • Stainless Steel
    • Titanium Nitride (Gold)
  • Weight: 3.17 oz.


  • Glock 26 (Gen 3, 4, and 5)


Every now and then you get lucky, like when you came here. I would rather be lucky than good, but with your new Glock 26 barrel, you get to be both. When you want the ultimate in reliability and accuracy you will want this match-grade barrel to drop in your Glock 26. This top of the line barrel will transform your already fine weapon into a beast, truly without equal.

Ture Precision Glock 26 Barrel: A Perfect Storm

On the outside, you will see the flutes that give your new Glock 26 barrel incredible strength with sexy lines. The flutes shave precious weight giving your Glock a more natural balance and flow. Who says you can’t do a great job and look great doing it. Inside, this match-grade barrel employs precision chamber support and feed ramp tolerances that are superior to OEM fit. That means this barrel will devour any ammo you decide to feed it. Your new match-grade barrel is designed and built in the USA from steel that was sourced in the USA. Here you will support your country with a high-quality product that supports you!

Beautifully Accurate

Your new Glock 26 barrel is available in a variety of intriguing, custom coatings and finishes. You can drop in a classic black version or go wild with color. This barrels’ visual impact will only to serve to back up the impact of your rounds in the bullseye. Your competitors will shrink away when they see you didn’t come to play, you came to win!

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