MPN: RB35 / RB40 / RB45


  • Compatible with Stormlake, Lonewolf and other threaded pistol barrels
  • Low-profile - does not obstruct sight alignment
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.


  • Caliber: 9mm / .40 cal. (or 10mm) / .45 cal.
  • Material: Black Hardened steel
  • Finish: Mil-spec black finish
  • Weight:
    • 9mm: 1.6 oz.
    • .40 cal.: 1.35 oz.
    • .45 cal.: 1.3 oz.
  • Length: 1.6"
  • Diameter: 0.8"
  • Thread:
    • 9mm: 1/2"-28
    • .40 cal.: 9/16"-24
    • .45 cal.: .578"-28


  • Most 9mm, .40 S&W (10mm), and .45 cal pistols.
    • 9mm barrel with 1/2"-28 thread pitch
    • .40 S&W (or 10mm) barrel with 9/16"-24 thread pitch
    • .45 cal barrel with .578"-28 thread pitch

*Due to the added weight to the barrel and recoil reduction, it might require using a lighter (than factory) spring rate recoil spring on some semi-auto pistols.


  • 1x Razor Tactical Pistol Muzzle Brake
  • 1x Set Screw
  • 1x Allen Wrench


Frequently the need for a quality pistol muzzle brake has been overlooked by accessories manufacturers. In the past, it required a great deal of hunting and maybe a little cry for help to find a good pistol muzzle brake. That’s no longer the case. The muzzle device specialists at Rex Silentium have come to the rescue with the Razor Tactical Muzzle Brake.

The Most Effective Pistol Muzzle Brake For The Price

The Razor Tactical Muzzle Brake is a compact pistol muzzle brake that won’t unbalance your sidearm with a clunky chunk of metal that doesn’t work. This brake is one of the most effective compact pistol muzzle brakes available today. Its low profile won’t get in the way of sights. The Razor Tactical Muzzle Brake manages recoil and muzzle rise effectively, allowing you to stay on target shot after shot, without having to fight to stay on target and take aim.

Razor Tactical Pistol Muzzle Brakes are available with both SAE and metric mounting threads and multiple calibers. There’s a Razor designed to work with virtually any pistol you choose. Installation is easy, simply apply it to your threaded barrel and lock it in place with the included set screw and wrench.

Competition Legal Pistol Muzzle Brake

The Razor Tactical Muzzle Brake complies with the legal dimensions required by the United States Practical Shooting Association, the International Defensive Pistol Association, and SOF pistol brake guidelines. Finished in Mil-Spec black and machined from quality American Steel, the Razor Tactical Pistol Muzzle Brake is another fine product from the Craftsmen and designers at Rex Silentium.

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Reviews (16)

  • Rex Silentium Brake

    Posted by Rex Hubbell on 26th Apr 2021

    I tested the brake after putting it on the threaded barrel of my FN FNX 45T and the pistol was accurate before, or at the very least, I was, but after adding the break it was like night and day, and it was like a laser pointer. Could consistently hit my reactive 6x6 inch cube target that started out at 15 feet or so, and then ended up getting caught in a bush at about 50 feet or more and consistently hit it even then. This brake was what the gun needed to fix the accuracy issues I had noticed, as if no matter what I did, even if I did everything right, there was no telling where the bullet would end up for sure besides in the general area of where I was aiming, whereas with the break, any misses are my own fault because it shoots perfectly on its own.

  • Rex Silentium Tactical Muzzle Brake

    Posted by Kevin Farrow on 6th Aug 2020

    This muzzle brake is attached to a CMMG Banshee series 300 pistol chambered in 45 ACP. I took the Banshee to the range shortly after the brake was installed. I believe this muzzle brake performed as advertised because the Banshee was a joy to shoot as I did not have any problems with This muzzle brake has been installed on a CMMG Banshee series 300 pistol chambered in 45 ACP. To be honest. I had not shot the Banshee prior to the installation so I can not attest to whether the muzzle brake I bought this muzzle brake for at least three reasons. First, the price. Second, prior positive experience with the Rex Silentium brand and Third, I needed a muzzle attachment to complete the look on my CMMG Banshee series 300. I did not shoot the Banshee prior to the muzzle brake installation, but I believe the brake did enhance my shooting experience after the installation. I say that because my shoot groups were great as I went through the process of zeroing the red dot sitting a top the Banshee.

  • Excellent product- well worth it!

    Posted by Steven Joseph Gagel II on 16th Oct 2019

    I rarely write reviews unless I really truly enjoyed the product and this was the case with this muzzle break- not only does it function fantastically but it’s also very visually attractive and nice and sharp should you need it for that function. Threw it on my sub 2k gen 2 with some blue locktight on the muzzle threads and the included set screw, and it has stayed put even after a few range trips. Will definitely order from this company again :)

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