Overwatch Precision Magwell for Glock 19/23/32

Overwatch Precision Magwell for Glock 19/23/32

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  • One-Piece design to eliminate the potential failure points
  • Slim profile for conceal carry
  • Aggressive funnel for rapid mag insertion
  • Designed to decrease reloading split times and add control
  • Front lip design adds support and control in operation
  • Does not require modification to your Glock 19, 23, and 32
  • Mounting hardware are included
  • Available in Black, Blue, Flat Dark Earth, Gun Metal Gray, and Red
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight (With Screw): 0.42 oz.
  • Width: 1.38"
  • Length: 2.36"
  • Thickness: 0.40"


  • Gen 3 Glock 19, 23, 32, and 38
  • Gen 4 Glock 19, 23, and 32


  • 1x Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell
  • 1x Allen Screw
  • 1x Allen Wrench


All shooters want to do their best. This is true whether you shoot for fun, competition, or it's your job. When you start with a Glock, that's good. You practice a lot, and then you get better. If you choose smart upgrades, combine them with everything else, that's the best. One smart upgrade to make is an Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell. Of course, there are others, but you have to start somewhere.

One-Piece Design To Eliminate Points Of Failure

Regardless of how many times you make a mag swap eventually, you will miss one. The Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell is machined from one piece of 7075 T6 aluminum. This design eliminates the potential points of failure that plague the other two-piece inferior versions on the market. This top-quality magwell features a smooth, aggressive funnel at its rear. You will find this makes your mag swaps faster and more certain. At its front edge lies a small lip that will let your hand lock into position on your Glock. These two things give you more control over your weapon.

Simple, Durable, Functional And Sexy

Sure, you need something to make shooting and mag swaps smoother. However, there's no need to overdo things. Overwatch precision makes simple solutions to tough problems for everyday shooters. The Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell is designed to enhance your performance without detracting from the concealability of your Glock. You don't need a crazy over-the-top magwell like the competition shooter does. Just keep things simple, and your life will work out better. Fortunately, Overwatch Precision brings simple, durable, functional, and sexy all together with their Glock magwell.

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3 Reviews

  • Set screw is trash

    Posted by Zak Swords on 24th Aug 2020

    The magwell itself is great! Feels high quality fits like a glove. Unfortunately mine arrived with the set screw broken off inside of it the hole. I tried everything from an easy out to drilling and retapping. Due to the odd angle and shape of the piece I was SOL... Last stitch effort I super glued the piece to my Glock. It looks great but I must say I am extremely disappointed for paying so much for the company to skimp on one of like three total details...

  • magwell

    Posted by Lucas Fannon on 19th May 2020

    Great magwell for gen4 19 would recommend

  • Cool look and wished it worked.

    Posted by Gabe Schultz on 19th Dec 2019

    This was the second one I purchased hoping that it would work on my Gen 3 Glock 19. The first one was directly from the manufacturer. I talked with them about the fit at that time and they thought it may just be my frame was just a bit off and no other complaints had come in regarding other fitting issues. I returned that one. I then ordered a Agency Arms magwell. It fit perfect. Not issues at all. But the Overwatch was such a better design. So... I thought I would try again. Didn't fit. Instead of returning, I decided to explore why it didn't fit. Basically , it would not seat flush with the grip and consequently stock magazines would not insert completely. It was like a hair off to disengage the mag release. Using plumbing tape I explored the contact points on the grip. This showed areas that could use some filing on the magwell to fit. Long story short, I got it to fit, but my clumsy hands over filed a small spot and it now moves a little when installed. Even then, I need to slam the magazine in for the stock mag it to fit properly. Bummed. It also appears this is just me. It just seemed a little odd that the other brand fit perfect.

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