MPN: 108-011


  • Reduce the probability of light firing pin strikes
  • Drop-in installation


  • Works with all modern centerfire J, K, L, and N-Frame revolvers with the frame mounted firing pin


  • 1x Apex Revolver Firing Pin
  • 1x Reduced Power Firing Pin Return Spring


If you are looking for a firing pin kit for a J-, K-, L- or N-frame revolver, consider this Apex revolver firing pin kit. The high-quality parts from a reputable company can help improve the function of your revolver.

Revolver Malfunction Troubleshooting

Let’s say you have a revolver that is malfunctioning in some way. Maybe you are having misfires. You’ve tried many different kinds of ammo with no results. While everything looks okay, you notice that there is now a mere dent in the cartridges you are attempting to fire. You can only get one or two rounds to work before your revolver misfires.

If you think you have a problem, you can troubleshoot the situation yourself. As always, practice basic gun safety rules. Make sure the gun is unloaded by checking and double-checking the chambers. Look inside every chamber of the revolver to be doubly sure that it is unloaded. If your revolver is double-action, close the cylinder.

Cock your hammer and locate the firing pin. In some models, the firing pin is hammer-mounted. If this is the case, make sure that the pin features a nice round shape. If the firing pin is sharp or has jagged edges, it is broken and needs replacement before the revolver can fire properly again. If the firing pin is frame-mounted, take a look at the face of the hammer. Slight peening is fine, but severe damage on the forward face can lead to misfires.

High-Quality Parts Matter

A qualified gunsmith can make the repairs needed to get your revolver back up to speed, but even the best gunsmith cannot do a good job without good replacement parts. The Apex revolver firing pin replacement kit is suitable for many modern centerfire revolvers with frame-mounted firing pins.

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