MPN: 103-106


  • Reduces trigger pull weight by approximately 3 lbs. from factory setting
  • Drop-in installation


  • Works with all modern centerfire J-Frame revolvers with the frame mounted firing pin

Note: Does NOT work with the polymer Bodyguard .38 Revolver


  • 1x Apex Rebound slide spring
  • 1x Apex Main Spring
  • 1x Apex XP Firing Pin
  • 1x Reduced Power Firing Pin Return Spring (Light)


When you want to upgrade the spring set in your Smith & Wesson J-Frame duty, personal protection, or everyday carry revolver, the Apex Tactical Specialties J-Frame Revolver Duty/Carry Spring Kit is just the ticket to lighten your trigger pull without taking it too far. Using this complete drop-in kit you’ll get a lighter trigger pull that’s still stable and safe in adrenaline-charged situations where a competition weight trigger would be unsafe.

A Complete Kit to Transform Your J-Frame Revolver

The Apex Duty/Carry J-Frame Spring Kit includes a reduced power firing pin return spring, an Apex XP Firing Pin, and one each of Apex’s Rebound Slide and Main Springs. The complete replacement kit should reduce the trigger pull weight of your revolver approximately three pounds from the original factory pull weight. That allows you to operate more efficiently and accurately while maintaining enough resistance to keep things under control even in high-stress situations.

The Apex J-Frame Kit is designed to work with all of Smith and Wesson’s modern centerfire J-Frame style revolvers which use a frame mounted firing pin. The Bodyguard .38 caliber polymer revolver is not included in the list of compatible Smith and Wesson models for the Apex J-Frame Kit.

About Apex

Apex Tactical Specialties, Inc. is a progressive firearms component manufacturer based in Peoria, Arizona. Apex exists to supply those who recognize the need for defensive tools that are better than adequate for their jobs. Whether you are a competition shooter, law enforcement personnel or just an individual who wants a better personal shooting experience, Apex wants you to have the same access to superior parts, exceptional craftsmanship, and performance as well as superior customer service. Wing Tactical is proud to partner with ATS to continue that mission. Every Apex product you choose from the Wing Tactical Catalog is backed by the same awesome customer service. Choose your Trigger upgrade or a J-Frame spring kit and give yourself an edge.

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