L2D Combat Ultimate Upper Parts Kit for Glock Slide

L2D Combat Ultimate Upper Parts Kit for Glock Slide

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  • Drop in solution to upgrade or complete your Glock build
  • Enhance the reliability and performance
  • Highly polished 17-4 heat treated hardened stainless steel components reduces friction between parts and service life
  • ISMI premium grade 4-lb reduced power striker spring
  • L2D Combat Extractor Depressor Rod Kit
    • Premium grade extractor spring
    • OEM Glock spring loaded bearing
  • L2D Combat Ultimate Lightweight Striker and Firing Pin Safety
    • Extended striker tip to reduce the possibility of light primer strikes
    • Polished sear engagement surface creates a more consistent trigger pull
    • Fluted shaft and rear Lug to reduce weight without compromising strength
  • ISMI Premium Grade Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring
    • Reduces overall trigger pull weight and lightens trigger take-up


  • Material: 17-4 heat treated stainless steel


  • Glock 9mm (Gen1-4): 17 /17L /19 /26 /34


  • 1x L2D Combat Extractor Depressor Rod (Titanium Nitride Coated or Polished Stainless Steel)
  • 1x L2D Combat Extractor Spring
  • 1x L2D Combat Polished Ultimate Lightweight Fluted Stainless Steel Striker
  • 1x L2D Combat 4lb Reduced Power Striker Spring
  • 1x L2D Combat Firing Pin Safety Polished 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • 1x Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring
  • 2x OEM Firing Pin Retainer Cups
  • 1x OEM Firing Pin Spacer Sleeve
  • 1x OEM Glock Channel Liner
  • 1x OEM Glock Extractor w/LCI (9MM)


You know, a Glock can run a long time. We have all read about some nearing the million-round mark without catastrophic failure. That doesn’t mean that parts were not replaced. Springs lose their tension and bearing surfaces wear with use, that’s kind of a no-brainer. So, if your trusty old Glock is getting on in round count and needs a bit of freshening up, you need a Glock upper parts kit from L2D Combat. You can forget about the competition, L2D combat knows everything there is to know about Glock slide parts.

Don’t Go to A Podiatrist for A Toothache

Granted, there is a time and a place for everything. The time to go to a restaurant is not when you need a Glock upper kit. When you’re hungry, go out and eat when you need Glock slide parts, then go to a company who specializes in them. L2D combat makes performance parts for the Glock, S&W, and Sig Sauer weapons. It’s no wonder they are very good at putting together your Glock slide parts kit. They do not make AR-15 uppers, buffer tubes, or rails, only quality, performance pistol parts.

Build Your Ultimate Glock One Piece At A Time

The Glock is one of the few pistols that can be put together completely from aftermarket parts. However, it does make a big difference just where you get those parts. Every Glock upper parts kit is not created equal. L2D Combat builds their Glock slide parts kit from better than OEM parts. So, build when you can, replace worn parts when you must, either way, you must get a quality Glock upper kit to fill up your slide.

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