MPN: PRP-024-9-40 / PRP-024-45


  • Made from hardened stainless steel
  • CNC machined to a .0005" tolerance
  • Replacement for your lost or damaged pins
  • Give your pistol a custom look


  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Springfield XD and XDm pistols


  • 2x Trigger/locking block pins
  • 1x Sear pin
  • 1x Ejector pin
  • 1x Striker safety pin


Stripping down your XD/XDM for inspection, cleaning, and maintenance means removing a number of pins. Sometimes removing these pins is necessary when some have to be replaced. With a weapon that has seen heavy use, damage or excessive wear, replacement of pins is a likely part of keeping your firearm continuing to run reliably. The other need for replacement pins is simply that they can get lost. Scrupulous tidiness is still no guarantee that the pins you remove will be where you left them when you need them. If a pin is dropped off your work area, there could be a long session of crawling around on the floor, looking for a tiny cylindrical thing with the ability to roll into dark and distant regions. And removing pins in the field: Is it really necessary to discuss what happens to small things out in the big world?

Better to Have before They’re Needed

For these two reasons, plus one more, having a set of pins for your XD/XDM is a “sooner or later purchase” solution for what can happen in the future. The Powder River Precision Springfield XD/XDM pin set has hardened stainless steel pins to replace any of the OEM pins your XD/XDM must have when either lost or through damage.

Looks Good, Shoots Good

The other reason to invest in a set of pins is, even if they aren’t needed to restore function and reliability? The stainless steel Springfield XD/XDM pin set looks sharp.

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