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Mission First Tactical Products

Mission First Tactical - Better Control, Better Result 

Mission First Tactical has a mission statement: to strive, as every brave individual operating in harm’s way does, for the success of the mission. The company develops rifle/carbine accessories specifically designed for military and law enforcement applications. Civilian shooters also benefit from the leading-edge products the company has to offer.

When it comes to rifle parts and accessories, shooters often overlook the weapon grip, but weapon grips can actually be a crucial part of your firearm’s efficiency. If you can’t get a solid hold on your firearm, you can’t get the level of accuracy you need. Mission First Tactical grips are among the most painstakingly designed of all Mission First Tactical parts. You’ll find plenty of useful Mission First Tactical parts of all kinds here at Wing Tactical, but clients swear by our grips.

If you’ve been using the standard grip that came with your weapon, you probably don’t realize what a big difference a high-quality grip can make to your accuracy, especially if you’re shooting in harsh weather conditions or with heavy gloves. Fortunately, whether you’re looking for a full-size grip, Magwell grip or folding grip, you can find out by taking advantage of our wide selection of Mission First Tactical grips at affordable prices.

We stock only tough and reliable tactical grips and other Mission First Tactical parts for shooters who intend to encounter a wide variety of firearm situations. If you try Mission First Tactical grips and stocks once, you’ll never want or need to look anywhere else.

Mission First Tactical Products

The REACT™ Magwell Grip (RMG) is designed to facilitate a low ready carry of the firearm. The textured surface area provides the needed positive grip surface with wet and gloved hands. Right- and left-hand pressure pad locations permit wiring of switches for remote operation of lasers and other accessories. The grip permits the user to apply rearward pressure with the support hand to achieve optimal accuracy and muzzle control. The watertight storage compartment is the perfect place to store extra batteries and small parts.

The BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Stock (BMS) is the lightest stock on the market today. The BATTLELINK stock is made of military-grade polyamide for a rigid body and a firm build. The company designed this stock after receiving feedback from shooters in various fields. This stock is customizable to environment using custom accessory mounts and an optimized QD sling configuration.

Mission First Tactical products are tested under the harshest of conditions to ensure their usefulness to the operator. The use of advanced materials, smart designing tactics and state-of-the-art technology ensure that the products manufactured by this company are of the highest quality. Specializing in bringing design concepts to life, Mission First Tactical has over 75 years of experience in the industry.