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Tactical Solutions Ruger 10/22

About Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions was founded in 2002 by a father and son and their joint brainchild, the Pac-Lite™. The Pac-Lite was a barrel/receiver upgrade to replace the heavier Ruger 22/45 or MK series barrels. The demand for their product turned out to be staggering. The Pac-Lite was accurate with the additional attraction of color and light weight. Who wouldn’t want it? The 10/22® Barrel and the Trail-Lite were made shortly thereafter along with the X-Ring® 22LR rifle and accessories. The company is now the provider of some of the best firearms on Planet Earth.

Tactical Solutions PAC-LITE

The TacSol standard

Product standards at Tactical Solutions are extreme. The company has manufacturing tolerances of 1/25 the thickness of a piece of paper. Quality control checks are performed at each step of the way – after receipt of the raw material, during production and after anodizing. QC checks are an integral part of the manufacturing process, from the moment the material arrives at the plant to the final cleaning before release to the public.

The culture at the company is very laid back, but if a customer has a complaint, the company will not rest until the problem is solved.

The company is especially geared toward women and children who need lighter weapons to be able to use them safely. The bright colors made them very attractive to children. The legacy of the company is to help the younger generation learn about safe firearm usage and to help preserve the sport. Tactical Solutions makes it a point to sponsor events that promote junior and female shooters.