• Built-in backup sights when flipped down for quick target acquisition
  • Quick flip up design for rapid target acquisition
  • Low-profile and snag-resistant design
  • Tool-free windage and elevation adjustments
  • Quick-sliding dual aperture rear sight (large: 4.70mm / small: 1.75mm)
  • Reinforced with a steel mounting tab and insert for added strength
  • Manual deployment to prevent accidental deployment when not needed
  • Front sight can be painted to match user preferences
  • An affordable and cost-effective choice
  • Lightweight and durable, made from a custom-blended SI Polymer Extreme material



  • Material: Polymer
  • Finish: Black
  • Width: 0.81"
  • Weight:
    • Front: 0.6 oz.
    • Rear: 0.7 oz.
  • Height Above Rail (Stowed):
    • Front: 0.54"
    • Rear: 0.56"
  • Height Above Rail (Deployed):
    • Front: 1.77"
    • Rear: 1.76"
  • Length (Stowed):
    • Front: 0.81"
    • Rear: 0.82"
  • Length (Deployed):
    • Front: 1.9"
    • Rear: 1.9"
  • Height Above Standard A2 Sight: 0.09" Taller
  • Rear Sight Center of Aperture to Top of Rail: 1.51"
  • Front Sight Elevation Adjustment:
    • At 14.5" Sight Radius: 1.71"/100 m MOA per click
    • At 20" Sight Radius: 1.24"/100 m MOA per click
  • Rear Sight Windage Adjustment:
    • At 14.5" Sight Radius: 0.49"/100 m MOA per click
    • At 20" Sight Radius: 0.35"/100 m MOA per click


  • Any firearm with top Picatinny top rail

**Designed to work on same plane handguard only. Will not work with a railed gas block that is higher or lower than the receiver.

Torque: Do not exceed 10 in/lbs (1.13 nM) for the Picatinny mount screws


  • 1x SPBUS front sight (fully assembled)
  • 1x SPBUS rear sight (full assembled)
  • 1x Hex tool [2.0mm]
  • 1x Loctite® Threadlocker Blue 243®


Every shooter knows that moments matter when it comes to target acquisition. The Strike Industries Polymer Backup Sights (SPBUS) ensures you're always ready. With the SPBUS, you have the distinct advantage of a backup on your backup, a true testament to its design precision. When in the heat of the moment, there's no fumbling to flip up; these sights are always in position to assist.

Precision in a Pinch

The Strike Industries Polymer Backup Sights don't just offer convenience; they're a mark of accuracy. Their tool-less adjustability means you can dial in your shot in any scenario without the usual fuss. And with the dual aperture design on the rear SPBUS, your eye relief is optimized whether you're taking quick shots in low light or focusing for that perfect long-range hit.

Durability Meets Affordability

The Strike Industries Polymer Backup Sights are built to last, with rugged SI Polymer Extreme construction and a steel mounting tab. And they won't break the bank. Designed to keep up with what shooters need—like not popping up when they shouldn't or getting snagged on gear—the SPBUS is a solid and budget-friendly addition to your AR.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Shooters love to personalize their gear. The SPBUS gives you that flexibility, allowing for painting the front sight to your unique color preference. So, beyond the functionality and reliability, you also get a sight system that can truly be called yours. Upgrade to the Strike Industries Polymer Backup Sights and experience the difference firsthand.

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