SLR Rifleworks AR Gas Block Dimple Jig

SLR Rifleworks AR Gas Block Dimple Jig

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  • 5 spacing for gas block with .400" .425" .450" .470" and .500" center to center screws
  • 5 position flats for Vice mounted drilling to keep barrel stable
  • For .750" and .625" barrels
  • Use 5/32" drill bit


  • Material: 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized


  • 1x Dimpling Jig
  • 1x Hardened Centering Screw
  • 1x Custom Hardened Drill Bushing


If you want a secure gas block mount that you can count on, you want to equip a set screw mounted gas block. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer pre-dimples every barrel and we all know you’re not installing a set screw mount without those dimples. Fortunately, SLR Rifleworks offers a product that makes it easy for us to dimple our own barrels without worrying about screwing up and expensive barrel. The SLR Rifleworks AR Gas Block Dimple Jig is an easy to use gas block jig that will make short work of readying your barrel for the gas block of your choice.

.750 and .625 Diameter Gas Block Dimple Jig for AR Barrels

When you’re ready to dimple your own AR barrel, simply choose the correct size gas block dimple jig for your barrel and get to work. Choose the correct dimple spacing for your chosen gas block. This barrel dimple jig offers 5 options in one tool: .400”, .425”, .450”, .470” and .500” spacing. You’ll mount the jig to your barrel using the jig’s centering screw to secure it to the barrel’s gas port. Once the gas block jig is securely mounted to your barrel, clamp it in your bench vice and apply the hardened drill bushing to one of the guide holes in the top of the jig. Five position flats help you to secure the jig and barrel while you work and the bushing will guide your drill making dimpling a simple procedure. If you’ve got a feel for it already you may only drill each spot once. If you’re not quite that confident a light touch and alternating between pilot holes may make you more comfortable as you seek the correct depth for your dimples.

Wing Tactical Knows You Want It Done Right

And you want to do it yourself. Firearms are all about precision, good enough isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When you need to prep your barrel for a set-screw gas block, choose an SLR Rifleworks Gas Block Dimpling Jig from Wing Tactical and give yourself an edge.

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18 Reviews


    Posted by Bill on 6th Aug 2020

    Worked exactly as demonstrated on youtube, highly recommend.

  • Ar gas block dippling jig

    Posted by Tom Goodson on 8th Mar 2020

    Received the dippling jig so far I've used it on four builds works perfectly. No complaints.

  • Dimpling your barrel

    Posted by Infringer on 5th Jan 2020

    Worked like a champ. This is the tool to buy if you need to dimple a barrel now and then, Would recommend for the casual builder. If you need to do a lot of barrels there are better tools out there for 3 times the price. This one fits the bill for someone building 1 to 10 rifles.

  • Makes it easy

    Posted by Philip on 29th Dec 2019

    A quality tool that makes the job easy

  • Works as promised

    Posted by Melvin on 22nd Dec 2019

    Simple to use and a must have if you are not pinning your gas issues

  • The jig

    Posted by Carl Bustatd on 18th Nov 2019

    If you want any size gas block to be mounted and secured perfectly ? Then get these dimple jigs , a no brainier . Thanks SLR

  • Makes life much easier

    Posted by David Barr on 4th Nov 2019

    Well made and takes the guess work out of lining up the gas block. Wing Tactical shipped it quickly. Will be back!!

  • Fast, easy, accurate.

    Posted by HARTFORD BOOTHE on 23rd Oct 2019

    While not rocket surgery, placing a set screw gas block accurately on an AR barrel can be done improperly. It's possible to mis-align the hole either with the gas block clocked improperly (rotated) or fore-aft (like if the shoulder is not a perfect reference for it but the installer rams the block up to it). This tool makes it super easy to drill a precisely-placed dimple on the bottom of the barrel so that the set screw has a target which, when used, means the gas port in the barrel is aligned with the gas hole in the block. I'm not a professional gunsmith, I don't work on firearms all the time, but this was still worth buying for the convenience even on only a couple of barrels.

  • Dimple jig

    Posted by Thomas Daniel on 5th Oct 2019

    Excellently engineered, did my own gasblock set screw dimpling. Results were machine shop quality and better than the Smith I had simple my last barrel.

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