SLR Rifleworks AR Gas Block Dimple Jig

SLR Rifleworks AR Gas Block Dimple Jig

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  • 5 spacing for gas block with .400" .425" .450" .470" and .500" center to center screws
  • 5 position flats for Vice mounted drilling to keep barrel stable
  • For .750" and .625" barrels
  • Use 5/32" drill bit


  • Material: 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized


  • 1x Dimpling Jig
  • 1x Hardened Centering Screw
  • 1x Custom Hardened Drill Bushing


If you want a secure gas block mount that you can count on, you want to equip a set screw mounted gas block. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer pre-dimples every barrel and we all know you’re not installing a set screw mount without those dimples. Fortunately, SLR Rifleworks offers a product that makes it easy for us to dimple our own barrels without worrying about screwing up and expensive barrel. The SLR Rifleworks AR Gas Block Dimple Jig is an easy to use gas block jig that will make short work of readying your barrel for the gas block of your choice.

.750 and .625 Diameter Gas Block Dimple Jig for AR Barrels

When you’re ready to dimple your own AR barrel, simply choose the correct size gas block dimple jig for your barrel and get to work. Choose the correct dimple spacing for your chosen gas block. This barrel dimple jig offers 5 options in one tool: .400”, .425”, .450”, .470” and .500” spacing. You’ll mount the jig to your barrel using the jig’s centering screw to secure it to the barrel’s gas port. Once the gas block jig is securely mounted to your barrel, clamp it in your bench vice and apply the hardened drill bushing to one of the guide holes in the top of the jig. Five position flats help you to secure the jig and barrel while you work and the bushing will guide your drill making dimpling a simple procedure. If you’ve got a feel for it already you may only drill each spot once. If you’re not quite that confident a light touch and alternating between pilot holes may make you more comfortable as you seek the correct depth for your dimples.

Wing Tactical Knows You Want It Done Right

And you want to do it yourself. Firearms are all about precision, good enough isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When you need to prep your barrel for a set-screw gas block, choose an SLR Rifleworks Gas Block Dimpling Jig from Wing Tactical and give yourself an edge.

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7 Reviews

  • Awesome Dimple Jig

    Posted by Steve C on 30th May 2019

    Product is just as described and easy to use. Bought a barrel a while back and it sat on my bench for the longest time before I looked it over. Well, it wasn't dimpled for the gas block and the first place I looked was Wing Tactical. Just measure the gas block, match up the desired jig and done.

  • Worked Like A Charm

    Posted by Brett Andengaard on 28th May 2019

    I bought this jig to dimple my Ballistic Advantage stainless barrel. This was my first time and I was told by a few people to have this done professionally. I bought the jig anyway and a 5/32” cobalt bit. I used my DeWalt cordless drill and did the job no problem. I was the most worried about doing this part of the build and it turned out to be one of the easier parts. The only way to do this run is to drill too deep into the barrel. As long as you go slow and keep checking to see how deep you have dance, you will be fine.

  • Easy, Worthwhile Dimpling

    Posted by Coyote on 12th Apr 2019

    This tool makes dimpling a breeze. Easy setup, with an alignment screw that’s makes sure everything is right on the money. Don’t hesitate to buy this.

  • Excellent tool!

    Posted by Mike on 13th Jan 2019

    I watched a number of videos on how to do this procedure and this tool looked like a nice one. It’s very simple to use, pretty much self explanatory and very versatile. There’s a hex bolt that you twist into your gas port. This likes up where the holes need to be drilled on the other side. Then you tighten the guide bolt into where you want to drill. The guide bolt keeps your bit drilling straight. A 5/32” bit was a perfect fit through the guide bolt. This was my first time performing this procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

  • Works as advertised, no instructions.

    Posted by Walt on 27th Sep 2018

    The product itself deserves 5 stars but I'll give it 4 because they couldn't bother to include any instructions with it. You have to go online to get them.

  • Precision

    Posted by John on 27th Sep 2018

    I had an issue with one of my AR's not locking back on last round. While trouble shooting I noticed that the gas block had shifted slightly allowing gas to escape. Bought the SLR dimple jig. Problem solved. Used it again on another new build. Perfect dimples. Gas block locks down with perfect alignment. If you build or repair you own AR's, you have to get one. High quality jig. Doesn't include directions, youtube does. Get a 5/32 drill bit and hopefully if you're building AR's you own Allen wrenches. Wing Tactical had the best price and in stock that I could find.

  • Mixed Feelings

    Posted by ReconViper1 on 29th May 2018

    First, I have not yet used this product but I have inspected it closely. It "appears" to be well made and "seems" to be well thought out.Only time will tell. On the other hand, SLR just can't bother providing instructions: you'll have to go online for that. It doesn't come with an Allen wrench, that's left up to you. You will need a 5/32" drill bit as it doesn't come with one and nothing in the package tells you the size you need. You have to go online to get that. It seems that SLR does not consider the buyer at all. That's reckless.

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