• Specially designed for the most impact and greatest bounce
  • Guaranteed to go farther, fly higher and demand unparallel fun
  • Designed by X Products for use with the Can Cannon Soda Can Launcher
  • Place a Ball in the Can Cannon, charge an M200 Blank, fire, and witness the glory of flying balls


  • Material: Rubber
  • Finish: Orange
  • Weight: ~6 oz.
  • Diameter:: 66MM



  • 6x Can Cannon Launcher Balls


The X-Products now offers Can Cannon balls to launch out of their Can Cannon. Launch these rubber cannonballs and see their powerful impact!

Designed For Optimal Launch

The X-Products Can Cannon balls were engineered to achieve the best possible bounce, fly the highest and the farthest when fired from the X-Products Can Cannon. Made from a dense rubber that can stand up to heat, wear and tear, they are nearly indestructible.

Play Tactical Fetch

The Can Cannon balls do stand up to powerful dog bites if you want to include your dog in fun. However, be sure to have your dog secured behind the shooter when these balls are launched, and do not launch them against a hard surface for your dog to pursue them from. Due to their dense construction, if a dog ran out in front of the cannon trying to get the ball while it was fired or charged forward to get a ball that was launched against a hard surface, a serious injury would occur.

Exercise Caution

While these might look like harmless big bouncy balls, they have the potential to cause serious injury and property damage. Never fire these cannonballs at a human or animal. Exercise caution if firing them against a hard surface, as they will return back to you with equal force they were launched at.

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