4 Common Glock Upgrades

4th Jun 2020

Initially designed for the Austrian military, the Glock is now popular with anyone looking for a reliable and affordable handgun they can customize to suit their needs. Out of the box, Glocks come ready to take on the toughest challenges. These weapons can go through mud, sand and water and still put rounds downrange, but that doesn't mean they have reached their peak. Regardless of the caliber, model or generation, a Glock is a blank slate you can customize and improve with a wide variety of aftermarket upgrades.

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Glock

Glocks are easy handguns to upgrade, and disassembly requires few tools. To install most Glock parts, all you need is a pin punch and a 3/16 hex tool. These are items you can buy separately, or as part of a convenient all-in-one Glock tool that also includes an opener for removing your base plate. If you want to make things easier, you can pick up an armorer's block — a tool that holds your gun and its parts securely while providing holes for driving out pins.

1. An Enhanced Trigger

Replacing the trigger on a Glock is simple, and you can choose whether you want to replace the entire system or just the trigger shoe. The trigger shoe is where your finger makes contact, and upgraded versions offer better reset, helping improve accuracy and reducing the time between shots. When you replace the trigger bar, you can adjust your pull weight, reduce travel and enhance overall trigger performance. Many trigger upgrades are available, including match systems and triggers made with better metals than factory parts.

2. A Better Slide

The standard slide on these pistols gives Glocks their trademark appearance, but you can always upgrade yours to improve its look, performance, and capability. Depending on your preference, you can update your Glock slide to support a Red Dot or another rail-mounted sight. You can also take advantage of enhanced grips on each side, helping you cycle the gun in slippery conditions or high-adrenaline situations. These upgrades reduce weight, improve handgun appearance and last much longer than pieces from the factory.

3. Improved Sights

If you want faster target acquisition, install improved sights that your eyes can easily track. Upgraded sights are perfect for any shooter, whether you want to see better in a low-lit home defense scenario, engage in high-stress situations as part of your job or hope to get better accuracy at the range. There are many options to choose from, including fiber optic sights, tritium sights, and interchangeable models that all provide better illumination than those installed at the factory.

4. An Upgraded Barrel

Installing a new barrel on your Glock is as simple as changing a magazine. In seconds, you can achieve better accuracy, reduce weapon weight and extend your handgun's lifespan. Many aftermarket Glock barrels also come threaded and ready for use with your choice of upgraded compensators or another threaded muzzle device. Upgraded Glock barrels have a better fit than factory parts, and will make your pistol look even better than it already does.

Upgrade Your Glock With Parts From Wing Tactical

To improve your Glock and unlock its full potential, browse our complete selection of Glock upgrades. At Wing Tactical, we have everything you need to customize Glock handguns of any caliber and model, including improved magazines, enhanced pistol grips and upgraded hardware. We're shooters too, and we only source and sell products we would be willing to use in our personal handguns. If you would like help choosing the right parts, message us today.

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