Glock Compensators - What to Know

17th Nov 2020

Glocks are pistols you can upgrade endlessly, but perhaps the most important thing you can improve on any gun is your accuracy. Compensators are one of the simplest ways you can get better groupings, but if you aren't too familiar with them, we have you covered. Here are the Glock compensator basics to help you get started.



A compensator is a barrel attachment designed to help you get back on target more quickly after shooting. These devices are popular solutions for reducing real and perceived recoil and increasing muzzle control on both the range and in real-world applications. With Glocks and other pistols, a compensator will help minimize muzzle movement, allowing you to make precision follow-up shots.

Glock compensators pair with threaded barrels for fast and easy installation. They are caliber specific, and you must choose one that matches your chambering. While compensators will add a little length to the pistol, they remain compatible with most holsters and still allow a fast, smooth draw.


strike industries glock compesator

When you fire a round, an explosive reaction occurs that propels the bullet forward. This force generates recoil that will cause the muzzle of your weapon to climb as the grip pivots against your hand. In rapid-fire scenarios, recoil and muzzle rise become even more pronounced and will build with successive shots, causing you to lose accuracy or overshoot your target.

Compensators counteract vertical barrel movement by channeling the gases that create recoil. Their design includes baffling and expansion chambers that collect and reroute these gasses upward and outward at the barrel's end, helping keep the muzzle on target.

Keep in mind that while a compensator helps control muzzle lift, it doesn't hide flash or reduce sound.

Glock Compensator Facts

There are many myths about what a compensator does and how it works. We've provided some facts about Glock compensators below to clear up the common misconceptions:

  • The flash won't blind you: When it's dark out, a compensator flash is only disorienting if your target isn't illuminated. If it's too dark to identify your target, you shouldn't shoot. If you use a pistol light or flashlight to illuminate your target, you won't be disoriented by the compensator's flash.
  • The gases won't blind you: Many also believe compensator gases can blind you, but for the gases to do serious damage, your eyes would have to be right at the muzzle. The gases can spray into your face if you hold your pistol too close and disorient you if you're not wearing proper eyewear, but while it's uncomfortable, it doesn't cause permanent damage. In normal, safe use, these gases will be nowhere near your eyes.
  • A compensator doesn't cause jams: Your gun will only jam if you're using a compensator that's too large or heavy. Generally speaking, a compensator won't cause jams if it has an assembly that's designed to reduce recoil or weighs less than 0.6 ounces.


tyrant designs glock compensator

Compensators can be a great tool to give you an edge in performance and accuracy while shooting. They help you achieve more precise follow-up shots and generally tighter groupings on paper.

Muzzle lift is something shooters of all skill levels need to consider — every shot you take will pull your weapon away from the 10-ring. It takes full-body control to get back on target to land your next round.

With enough time to prepare, you can align your head, hands, feet, shoulders and hips in the optimal shooting position. With a compensator, your pistol moves significantly less, allowing you to accomplish this more quickly. The force of the shot works to keep the muzzle down, helping you achieve much better accuracy during fast-paced shooting.

Because a compensator helps you stay on target and achieve more accurate shot placement, it's a great choice for home defense situations where you need to be precise and deliberate with your shots. Comps can also give you an advantage in competition shooting, as increased accuracy and shooting speed are a must to achieve repeatable precision in a competition situation.

Compensators also come in handy when using an optic. If your gun recoils too much, you'll lose sight of your optic's red dot when you fire. With a good grip and a compensator, you can track the dot the whole time.


9mm killer innovations glock compensators

As with most weapons and attachment systems, the best Glock compensator is the one you feel most comfortable with. Still, some brands stand out as leaders in the marketplace for producing the top-quality compensators that we would trust our accuracy to, including:

  • Tyrant Designs: Tyrant Designs Glock compensators are made in America and available in several different anodized finishes to help you achieve your ideal custom look.
  • Strike Industries: Strike Industries has 10 years of experience producing top-quality firearms accessories, and the Strike Industries glock compensator attaches without a threaded barrel.
  • Killer Innovations: Killer Innovations manufactures in Washington State and takes pride in developing innovative compensators you can install and remove without tools.
  • Griffin Armament: Griffin Armament is an American gun manufacturing company founded in 2006 by a combat veteran. They produce a Mini Carry Compensator that's ultracompact, lightweight and durable.
  • SLR Rifleworks: SLR Rifleworks prides itself on its advanced design and manufacturing processes and 100% American-made products. Their Synergy Comps offer the same high-performance capabilities as larger comps with a more compact form factor.


Looking for the best glock compensator for you? Wing Tactical is your home for compensators and an extensive selection of quality Glock parts. We're shooters too, and we can help you find the right match for your generation, model and caliber pistol. Send us a message for expert help placing your order.  

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