How to Build an FBI HRT AR-15

5th Oct 2020

The FBI is home to one of the most elite tactical teams in the world — the HRT (Hostage Rescue Team). HRT operators train for high-risk missions and represent the most advanced SWAT team in the federal law enforcement arsenal. Identifiable by their extensive use of OD (olive drab) green on their uniforms and weaponry, these professionals deploy to defend the U.S. against violent criminals and terrorists, and they are the on-call force for hostage situations.


HRT operators are serious door kickers, and most members of the teams carry .223 carbines modified for CQB (Close Quarters Combat). These weapons look impressive but also put accurate rounds on target in the most high-intensity situations you can imagine.

If you want to build an FBI HRT rifle using your AR-15 platform, we have you covered. Here's everything you need to trick yours out:

  • Barrels: The FBI prefers rifles chambered in 5.56, but that still leaves several options for barrels. If you have the proper paperwork for a short-barreled rifle (SBR), you can go as low as 10.5 inches. You can also upgrade to a threaded barrel or one machined to improve accuracy and reduce recoil.
  • Grips: With grips, you should consider upgrading to an ergonomic pistol grip and foregrip in OD green. Aftermarket grips create less fatigue and make the rifle easier to handle, helping you get into a shooting stance faster to line up your shot and make rapid, accurate follow-ups.
  • Rails: A rail system is essential for a CQB rifle and standard equipment on FBI HRT rifles. Rails provide a platform for attaching your accessories. Different rail systems are available to accommodate whatever barrel length you have, and you can buy OD green rails and rail covers to protect them.
  • Muzzle devices: Many different muzzle devices are available for the AR-15, including muzzle brakes, compensators and flash hiders. For an HRT build, a compensator is the most logical choice. Compensators reduce muzzle lift and recoil for better accuracy in rapid-fire scenarios.
  • Sights and optics: Whether you prefer iron sights or optics, you will want to upgrade from your factory setup. If you have an upper with a rail, you can install a reflex sight or OD-green flip-up iron sights. If you need rails, you can always change out your upper receiver.
  • Stocks: The right stock is essential for any CQB rifle. With collapsable stocks, you adjust the length for your gear and gain added mobility for maneuvering in tight spaces. Different styles are available, but you'll want to choose one in OD green if you plan to match the HRT.


AR-15s are one of the most customizable rifles in existence. If you want to build yours to look like an FBI HRT rifle, you can also include multiple other accessories, including:


At Wing Tactical, we carry everything you need to build an FBI HRT rifle. If you would like a hand customizing your build, send us a message. Our team of experienced shooters can help you outfit your gun like the pros. 

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