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Cloud Defensive

Cloud Defensive is a manufacturer of tactical lighting and accessories revolutionizing the market with their innovative designs.

Why Choose A Cloud Defensive Product?

Cloud Defensive describes themselves as an optimization company due to their dedication to continual improvement. It is run by experienced shooters who search for gaps in the tactical market that need to be addressed and are receptive to their customer's suggestions and feedback. As a result, you can be confident that you will always find new products that you will appreciate in the future at Cloud Defensive.

Cloud Defensive's products are proudly made in the USA by problem-solving shooters and entrepreneurs whose mission is to manufacture products that work better. Whether they find an existing product that could be improved or challenging traditional builds, they believe they can find ways to improve products for their customers without re-inventing the wheel.

Cloud Defensive strives to serve its customers to the best of its ability. To accomplish this, it accepts applications for professionals to test or evaluate their products.

Cloud Defensive team is confident that you will find your new favorite tactical lighting solution among their products because they founded the company to offer solutions to specific needs that they are familiar with as experienced shooters themselves.

Cloud Defensive Flashlight on AR-15

Committed To Quality

Cloud Defensive operates on strict quality control standards to ensure their customers only receive the best products.

It is so confident in its products that they stand behind them unequivocally by issuing a forever warranty on them, with the exception of negligent usage.

Its high standards extend past their products to their customer service as well; they strive to be the most accessible company in their industry by responding to customer inquiries and shipping out their products as fast as possible.