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Emerging from the heartland of American craftsmanship, CMMG Inc. has etched its name deep within the firearm industry. Their fusion of pioneering designs with unwavering quality standards has made them a beacon for firearm enthusiasts. Acquiring a CMMG product from Wing Tactical assures you're arming yourself with a piece of precision engineering. Every CMMG part is a testament to mastery in firearm design and functionality.

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CMMG Product Spectrum: Precision in Every Piece

Founded in the heartland of Fayette, Missouri, in 2002, CMMG, which stands for Central Missouri Manufacturing Group, has become a cornerstone in the firearm industry. Created by the collective vision of John, Jeff, Gretchen, and Stephanie Overstreet, the company has risen through the ranks by crafting premier AR-15s and related components. The authenticity of CMMG is further accentuated by its unwavering commitment to domestic manufacturing, sourcing only the finest materials from within the United States.

Commitment to Excellence

Rooted deeply in CMMG’s ethos is an unyielding commitment to quality. The company stands by every product that rolls off its assembly lines, offering a lifetime guarantee against defects. This speaks volumes about their belief in the superior workmanship and quality materials used in their manufacturing process.


Signature Offerings

CMMG's diverse arsenal has earned accolades from shooting enthusiasts nationwide. A glimpse into their standout products reveals:

  • Cutting-edge ambidextrous charging handles.
  • Versatile AR15 rifles across multiple calibers.
  • Precision-driven bolt action rifles.
  • Adaptable shoulder stocks with buffer tubes.
  • Efficient muzzle brakes.
  • Compact pistol caliber carbines.
  • The groundbreaking Radial Delayed Blowback Operating System.
  • Budget-friendly AR rifles with .22LR chambering.
  • Sound-reducing suppressors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CMMG A Good Brand?

In the vast landscape of firearms, CMMG stands out not just as a mere brand but as a standard-bearer of unmatched craftsmanship and innovative prowess. And it's not just words; their dedication to pushing boundaries is clear, showcased in their innovative products like the .22LR caliber conversion kit for the AR15.

What Does CMMG Stand For?

CMMG stands for Central Missouri Machine Guns, is a well-known American firearm manufacturer. They’ve made a name for themselves with their innovative AR-15 style rifles and weapon accessories. Whether you’re looking for a complete rifle or parts for a custom build, CMMG has you covered.

How does CMMG ensure the quality of its products?

Each item from CMMG's arsenal experiences a stringent evaluation and quality assurance process. With a keen eye for detail and a team fueled by their love for firearms, every product is shaped to function flawlessly and last.

Are CMMG products suited for both civilian and professional use?

Certainly. CMMG tailors its range of firearms and components to suit a diverse audience, from the recreational shooter enjoying weekends at the range to professionals in defense and law enforcement roles. Their broad array ensures that they accommodate everyone's needs.

What's the significance of CMMG’s Banshee Series?

The Banshee series is renowned for its ergonomic, compact design, which doesn't skimp on firepower. Whether it's for personal defense, leisure shooting, or competitive scenarios, the Banshee's adaptability combined with its advanced engineering places it high on the list for firearm connoisseurs.

Where are CMMG products manufactured?

All CMMG products are meticulously crafted in the USA, with the company rooted in Central Missouri, underscoring their dedication to top-tier craftsmanship and domestic quality.