• Designed with no roll pins to eliminate the chance of failure
  • Patented latch system slides parallel with the receiver notch for slick and quick release
  • Enhanced ambidextrous controls
  • Smooth sliding latch to minimize wear
  • Built for asymmetric charging
  • Handles left or right side pulls with ease
  • Designed to have a positive and balanced pull every time you charge
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Wight: 1.48 oz.
  • Width: 2.75"


  • AR-15


Unless your job is testing new products, you expect the things you buy to work. There’s nothing that ticks me off more than laying out my hard-earned cash on something that doesn't work. That means everything you buy from a match-grade barrel down to a charging handle better do what it says it will. Battle Arms Development created an AR charging handle that does just that.

Quit Playing With Toys

Regardless of what they look like, every other charging handle out there contains the same weakness. They all use roll pins. The Battle Arms Development RACK AR-15 Charging Handle is one of the few in the industry to eliminate this weakness. The first time you rack this AR charging handle, you will know. This is the real deal. The Battle Arms Development RACK AR-15 Charging Handle feels solid when you pull it and runs like glass when you let it go. You won't feel any twisting or flimsy torque. You will feel quality. Is this the last AR charging handle you will ever need? Nah, you're going to want one for your other AR.

Even The Score

All of us have our little quirks. Whether it was through training, habit, or out of necessity, the way you charge your weapon is likely different from others. Genuinely ambidextrous, the Battle Arms Development RACK AR-15 Charging Handle will give you smooth, consistent performance from either side. If you have to wear gloves, the RACK has plenty of meat to grab without getting in the way of tactical ops. Could you get by with something less? You could if you had to. You could start a trip without a spare tire, but why? Just like a spare tire, the RACK is nice to have.

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