MPN: 25035 / 25435


  • Replacement AR-15 extractor spring (pack of 3)
  • Heat treated, stress relieved, and cryogenic processed post winding
  • Impregnation / plating with re-micronized molybdenum disulfide formulation
  • Extreme duty cycles provided while maintaining performance specifications
  • Unaffected by heat up to 750°F
  • Extra power 5-coil spring:
    • XP 5-Coil spring has a heavier spring load than OEM springs, thus negating the need for a D-Fender™ ring or adding CRANE Viton O-Rings
    • Use 5-Coil spring with either black extractor spring insert OR CRANE Viton O-Rings, but not both
    • XP 5-Coil spring is totally reliable for all 5.56 BBL lengths, it can be aggressive on case rims in 18"+length BBL rifles, and may be too strong for some bolts with extremely tight bolt face tolerances
    • D-Fender™ rings are NOT recommended for use with the 5-Coil extractor springs
  • Enhanced power 4-coil spring:
    • Enhanced 4-Coil springs maintain an extended duty cycle load of a NEW Mil-Spec spring and is recommended for use in 18"+BBL lengths for those who retrieve their brass for reloading


  • Material: Chrome Silicon Wire Stock


  • AR-15 bolt chamber in 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 300 Blackout.


  • 3x Sprinco AR-15 Extractor Springs


Improve your AR-15's performance and your attack readiness with Sprinco's extractor springs.

Support Your AR15's Casing Ejection

If you notice that your AR15 does not eject cases cleanly or often has to retrieve casings jammed into the receiver, shooting your AR15 becomes frustrating, and your defense readiness is compromised.

To diagnose the issue, you should begin by examining your AR15's extractor springs to see if they need to be replaced. Upgrading to Sprinco's high-quality AR-15 extractor springs may provide the extra tension your AR15 needs to eject casings cleanly.

Improve Your Defense Readiness

By purchasing Sprinco's AR-15 extractor springs to keep in your range bag or your arsenal supplies, you will always be ready to shoot your AR15, enabling you to be prepared to defend your family and never have to cut your range day short because of a spring malfunction.

Manufactured To Be Strong

The Sprinco AR15 extractor springs are made of notoriously durable chrome silicon wire stock, which can stand up to 750° Fahrenheit. In addition, the springs are heat treated with a cryogenic process to support durability and stress tolerance further.

Support An American Business

Sprinco proudly manufactures its AR-15 extractor springs in America. When you purchase Sprinco's extractor springs, your purchase supports American jobs.

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