MPN: 27003


  • Extreme length duty cycle while maintaining performance specifications
  • Heat treated, stress relieved, and cryogenic processed post winding
  • Impregnation / plating with re-micronized molybdenum disulfide formulation
  • Enhanced ejector springs match the loads of a NEW Mil-Spec spring
  • Unaffected by heat up to 750°F


  • Material: Chrome Silicon Wire Stock


  • AR-15 bolt chamber in 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem. / 300 Blackout.


  • 3x Sprinco AR-15 Enhanced Ejector Springs


Improve your AR-15's performance and contribute to your attack readiness with Sprinco's set of 3 ejector springs.

A Preventative Measure Against Stove Piping

Stove piping casings are not only annoying, but they negatively impact your defense readiness or your shooting time in a competition. By replacing your AR-15 ejector spring with Sprinco's high-quality springs, you may prevent stove piping.

Promote Your Defense Readiness

When you purchase Sprinco's ejector springs to store in your arsenal supplies or your range bag, you are taking a step towards always being ready to shoot your AR15, enabling you to be prepared to defend your family and continue shooting efficiently in competitions.

Manufactured To Be Strong

The Sprinco AR-15 ejector springs can withstand up to 750° Fahrenheit due to Sprinco's choice to use high-quality chrome silicon wire stock. The ejector springs also undergo a cryogenic heat treatment process to maximize stress tolerance and overall durability.

Support An American Business

Sprinco's AR-15 ejector springs are manufactured with pride in America. When you purchase Sprinco's extractor springs, you support American jobs.

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