• Precision machined from billet stock
  • Extended length for easy removal
  • Enlarged grooved pin head for improved grip
  • Dimpled end for easier push


  • Material: 303 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black Nitride
  • Weight: 0.6 oz.
  • Pin Diameter: ~0.2475"


  • AR-15 with 0.25" pin holes


  • 1x Takedown Pin
  • 1x Pivot Pin
  • 2x Takedown Pin Detents
  • 2x Takedown Pin Springs


Whether you’re upgrading an old AR-15 or building a new one, sometimes it is the simplest of things that will bite you in the bum. Some people seem to really struggle with the big choices like barrels, bolt carrier groups, muzzle devices and can easily wind up with thousands of dollars in their new build. Then, as kind of an afterthought, stick a pair of plain old stock takedown pins in there to hold it all together. However, if you love to pay attention to the little things, that choice just won’t do. However, a new set of Ascend Armory AR-15 Takedown Pins can put you over the top.

Custom Stainless Steel AR-15 Takedown Pins for The Everyday Shooter

Aero Precision has made it their mission to provide 100% quality products, to every customer, every time. They keep this creed in focus whether the part is a high-end, billet lower or your stainless steel AR-15 takedown pin. Which, by the way, is precision machined from a solid billet of 303 stainless steel and made to last a lifetime. These aren’t just any ordinary set of extended takedown pins, no way. The first thing you’ll notice about your new Ascend Armory AR-15 Takedown pins is going to be their heads. They’re not going to just sit on the side of your receiver like a lump. The head on this stainless steel AR-15 takedown pin is a machine sculpted work of art. Truly a custom touch lending itself to the basic function of easy pin removal. Are you still on the fence? Well, a new set of Ascend Armory extended takedown pins will arrive with their rock solid, unconditional, lifetime warranty.

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