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In the firearms industry, there are a number of manufacturers that provide really good parts for the AR platform, and some that don’t quite cut it. However, in 2015 Ascend Armory appeared on the scene, ushering the AR-15 and AR-10 weapons into the 21st century with what are arguably the finest receivers that can be had.

When Nothing but The Best Will Do

Ascend Armory is 100% dedicated to building products of the highest quality and value at a reasonable price-point. Quality of this caliber is achieved by paying very close attention to the design and manufacture of every part they make. This strict attention to detail and work ethic makes it possible to place a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty on every component they manufacture. Although, only having been around a short while, their products are quickly causing a buzz in the firearms community. Every Ascend Armory product you handle has the same top-grade fit and finish. Their receiver sets seamlessly display extremely tight tolerances that make it possible to build a reliable and accurate rifle.

Taking It to The Next Level

Mere images do not do credit to their products, they have to be held and inspected up close. Ascend Armory takes weapon manufacturing from simple form and function to a work of art. The matched billet AR-15 and AR-10 receiver sets are held together with enhanced takedown and pivot pins. Both upper and lower receivers are precision machined as a matched set to deliver superior fit. Tighter tolerances result in a quieter running, more accurate gun. The magazine wells flare on the bottom to allow for faster mag swaps without having to fumble and feel around. Their receivers would work great on a short barreled rifle, however, to take advantage of their potential accuracy, a full-length rifle build would better suit the weapon. When looking at an Ascend Armory weapon the words Spartan or utilitarian will never come to mind. Instead, you will jump right to something like striking or even sexy when you handle one of these weapons.