• One-piece design - no backing plates or screws
  • Extended compatibility - works with almost all AR-15 5.56/.223 lower and upper receivers, including the DPMS LoPro and other Billet upper receiver
  • Side charger compatible - specially designed to be compatible with a wide variety of side-charging upper receivers
  • Grip serrations added to elbow and end of the EBRv3 lever for positive contact
  • Larger index finger tab for bolt release
  • Made from high strength carbon steel
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, and Red
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: 8620 Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 0.7 oz.


  • All standard Mil-Spec forged AR-15 receivers and MOST billet receivers


There are a lot of small changes that can be made to a basic AR-15 to make it more ergonomically friendly. The simple change of a lever, release or button for one that is easier to reach or lies in a more convenient location can make your shooting experience completely different. When you want a bolt release that is more intuitive to operate, it’s time to consider the latest iteration of the Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release. The EBRV3 is the third revision of Phase 5’s popular AR-15 Extended Bolt Release. The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release v3 is the best yet.

What Makes the EBRV3 Exceptional?

The Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release v3 is designed and manufactured as a single unit with no annoying plates or screws to mess around with or fail unexpectedly. This is a low-profile bolt catch, yet it features a larger finger tab so it’s easy to release by just reaching out with a fingertip. Grooved contact surfaces at the finger tab and elbow of the EBRV3 AR-15 Extended Bolt Release offer solid purchase for sure operation even in adverse weather conditions.

Phase 5 Never Stops Improving

Why in the world would anyone take the time to make three versions of something as insignificant as an AR-15 extended bolt release? Because they can make it better, and you deserve the best. Phase 5 continues the evolution of the AR-15 bolt catch by bringing the small arms community a drop-in replacement bolt release that is compatible with almost every upper out there. Phase 5 EBRs are a favorite upgrade control of tactical instructors worldwide. You don’t get that kind of love by stopping at “good enough.”

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