• Barrier face is designed with an integrated Quad-Point Grip profile on one half and an ergonomic resistance point on the other half.
  • Smooth face of the hand stop provides a ergonomic and comfortable leverage point for user's hand to push or pull against
  • Smooth face is ideal to press your forward hand against
  • Barrier face provides a solid contact point against an object to aid control and stability
  • Compatible with M-LOK rail system
  • Function as a comfortable handstop or a barricade support
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.46 oz.
  • Width: 0.60"
  • Length: 1.348"
  • Height: 1.115"


  • 1x M-LOK Fastener
  • 1x Set Screw
  • 1x Impact Weapons Components M-LOK Hand Stop


  • All M-LOK systems


You're here looking for M-LOK accessories. I hope that means you're already in the M-LOK camp. If not, stay around awhile. The M-LOK world is a good place to live. An AR-15 hand stop plays a significant role in the control and usefulness of your weapon. Whether you're looking to outfit a full-blown rifle or a more compact SBR/AR pistol, an IWC M-LOK Hand Stop is a top choice.

Minimal Is The New Cool.

A lot of serious shooters are getting away from the old-school, bulky forward grips. Those things get in the way and seem to hang on everything that gets close to them. Enter the world of the Impact Weapons Components AR-15 hand stop. Depending on the length of your arms and operating style, some grips don't work right. The IWC M-LOK Hand Stop is versatile. For many shooters, it's the performance answer to weapon control. You can get this component fashioned as an AR-15 hand stop or as a barricade stop. Either one you choose, you will find to be sleek, sturdy, and snag-free.

Either Way, It's A Winner.

The IWC M-LOK Hand Stop comes in two versions. The first is smooth all the way around. The smooth hand stop is great If you shoot bare-handed and straight from the shoulder. On the other hand, if you shoot wearing gloves or over obstacles, Impact Weapons Components offers a model designed for you. IWC left one side smooth, but they dressed the other side with a wicked Quad-Point Grip texture. These price of these M-LOK hand stops is so reasonable that you may as well get goth versions. If you still can't choose, then I guess it's time for another gun. Then you can run both.

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