• Ultra light-weight
  • The Barrier face of the hand stop provides a force point to drive the firearm against an object
  • The Smooth face of the hand stop provides a comfortable, ergonomic leverage point for the user's hand to push or pull against, or for placement between user's fingers as he grip the firearm
  • Compatible with KeyMod rail system
  • Aggressive texture for traction
  • Function as a comfortable hand stop or a barricade support
  • Made in U.S.A.


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Type III Anodized
  • Weight: 0.32 oz.
  • Width: 0.599
  • Length: 1.353"
  • Height: 1.122"


  • All KeyMod systems


Consistency is the key to success in nearly everything. Consistency is vital whether you're talking about racing, sports, cooking, and obviously shooting. You find a way that works for you, and you do that every time. Therefore, a device on the front of your weapon that you index on is critical for consistency and accuracy. While there are options galore, many shooters are moving to a simple, reversible hand stop with excellent results.

Just What You Need

A solid point on the forearm for you to reference your support hand. Is that really all you need? In real life, sometimes you do need a little more control. Perhaps you need to fire over a wall or a car door and keep a low-profile. In that case, an Impact Weapons Components KeyMod hand stop also serves as a barrier stop. See this is a reversible hand stop. One surface is smooth, and the other surface they texture with an aggressive Quad-Point grip. This IWC KeyMod hand stop attaches to your rail in seconds and reverses direction just as fast. Use it in any position, condition, or style of shooting. IWC delivers.

Toys Are Not Allowed.

Can you believe some manufacturers use plastic for their hand stop? Now, they even make most toy cars out of some type of metal. Impact Weapons Components uses tough, durable 6061 T6 aluminum for their KeyMod hand stop. This hand/barrier stop gets precision, CNC machined from a solid aluminum billet. This bad boy is made for real-life use. Its low-profile makes this reversible hand stop sleek and snag-free in real operation. From casual shooter to the serious pro, Impact Weapons Components are built to deliver without question.

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