Impact Weapons Components (IWC)

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Impact Weapons Components (IWC)


Impact Weapons Components (IWC)

The genesis of Impact Weapons Components is not unheard of, but in today's world, it’s seldom practiced. You find a problem and fix it. IWC was created to solve equipment problems for every shooter. From casual to tactical, the shooting world shares many of the same issues. Non-purpose built gear, wedged into service to sell you something that kind of works.

Don’t Live On The Computer

Many of us spend too much of our time looking at a computer screen. We read the news, watch videos, search for deals, and some of us play solitaire. While you may design it on the computer, real ideas start in your mind. All partners at Impact Weapons components are life-long shooters and avid outdoorsmen. That's the only way they can understand the real-life issues that plague shooters when it comes to their gear. They experience the good and bad things in shooting so they can create the best equipment possible for you.

Personal Responsibility

One difference at the IWC facility is that every one of their associates is directly responsible for quality control. There is no one department or individual to sign off saying that a part is ready to ship. From IWCs suppliers to their shipping department, there are hundreds of eyes watching to ensure quality. To anyone who ever served in the military or law enforcement, this makes perfect sense. If one fails, then everybody fails. The phrase "we almost got it right" is not tolerated. IWC sets the bar at perfection for every part and 100-percent satisfaction for every customer.

Keeping America Great

Sometimes when a company labels their products American made, it's only partially accurate or not true at all. Since it began in 2010, Impact Weapons Components are, and will always be, entirely American made. Their source materials, the hands that create the products, and even the packaging are 100-percent American. For IWC this choice is the only one available. People and products matter more than profits. While it does have its flaws, our country is great. The job of keeping it that way is up to us and IWC.