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Velocity Triggers

In 2008, Tom Vehr founded Verh Manufacturing. Verh is the parent company of Velocity Triggers, the Phoenix, Arizona based manufacturer of precision designed and manufactured triggers for AR platform firearms. The birth of Velocity Triggers was by no means the beginning, but rather the next logical step in a 30-year career spent designing and manufacturing triggers for the small arms community.

A Founder’s Life’s Work

Tom Vehr was an integral part of Timney Triggers for more than a decade. Over the course of 14 years, Tom worked hands-on in every aspect of the Timney operation. Whether it was design, testing, scheduling or setting up machines and selecting the proper tooling for the job, Vehr had done it before he left Timney for Knight Rifles in 1995. Mr. Vehr spent 13 years with Knight Rifles, producing nearly half a million trigger assemblies and other firearm components. With a foundation that deep and strong, you know Velocity Triggers was bound to be something special.

Process and Manufacturing Second to None

Velocity Triggers are 100% American made from carefully chosen domestic materials. Every component that goes into a Velocity AR Trigger is manufactured with the proper materials and treatments to provide the best performance and longest service life possible. From the quality tool steel used in their hammers and disconnects to the 6061 T6 aluminum of their housings. Velocity Triggers are built for superior performance. Before offering Velocity Triggers for sale, triggers are coated with Diamond-Like Carbon coatings and hammers and disconnects are given Robar’s NP3 treatment. Even the exterior housing is given a quality anodized finish for corrosion resistance. In the quest to provide the smoothest, best-performing triggers for your money, Velocity AR Triggers combine the best of today’s technology combined with skill and know how developed over 30 years in the trigger business.

Wing Tactical Is Proud to Distribute Velocity Triggers

At Wing Tactical, we’re proud to work with manufacturers who strive to make every shooter better. Offering Velocity Triggers for sale is a logical step in that process. Velocity Triggers outperform many triggers more than twice their price. Velocity and Wing know that it’s not about the cost, it’s about value.