• Fully ambidextrous control for both left and right-handed shooters
  • 2 latch lengths available to choose from for appropriate application
  • Compatible with all standard AR-15 uppers
  • Extended and enlarged latch for smooth operation
  • Exclusive built-in backstop to prevent over-torquing on the roll pin
  • Serrated latch surface for positive contact
  • Available in Mod 3 (Large Latch) and Mod 4 (Medium Latch)


  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Mil-Spec Type III Class 2 hard coat anodized
  • Weight:
    • Mod 3: 1.27 oz.
    • Mod 4: 1.19 oz.


  • AR-15

*NOT compatible with adjustable gas keyed bolt carrier groups.


Today's CQB guidelines call for the shooter to use only his supporting hand to operate the charging handle of his weapon system. This allows him to return to battle with a hot weapon in less time, allowing for a more efficient exchange in combat situations. Extended latches allow for more efficiency in these situations, but they also add a great deal of stress to the undersized roll pin that the system hinges on. When the roll pin fails under stress, it leaves the operator with an unsecured charging handle.

BCM Ambi Charging Handle

After years of discussion with operators and tactical trainers and real-world testing, the BCM GUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle with Extended Latch has been introduced as a positive solution to this problem for those who prefer an ambidextrous charging handle

The design of the BCM Ambidextrous Charging Handle protects the vulnerable roll pin by restricting the movement of the charging handle with a backstop and keeping the movement of the charging handle strictly in line with the weapon rather than allowing it to torque outward. The majority of stress under operation is directed into the charging handle itself, and as a bonus, the system operates more smoothly with straight-line motion.

BCG Gunfighter Ambi Charging Handle Is Designed For Hard Use

The BCM Ambidextrous Charging Handle is machined from 7075 T6 Billet and covered in a hard anodized coating true to Mil-Spec requirements. Choose an ambidextrous solution to roll pin failure under close-quarters battle and hard tactical use. Replace your standard charging handle with a Bravo Company GUNFIGHTER Ambidextrous Charging Handle and remain confident under fire.

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