• Fully assembled with forward assist and ejection port door
  • Laser etched T-markings on the top rail
  • Dry Film Lube on interior bore of the receiver


  • Material: 7075 Forged Aluminum
  • Finish: Type III Class 2 Hardcoat Anodized
  • Weight: 8.45 oz.


  • AR-15 lower receiver


When you plan your next AR build you’ll want to take a little extra time choosing your upper receiver. There are a few Mil-Spec uppers that are anything but standard equipment. One of the receivers that Wing Tactical offers that we think stands head and shoulders above the masses is the Bravo Company M4 Upper Receiver.

The Bravo Company Upper begins with a 7075 T6 forged body that is precision machined to Mil-Spec requirements. You’ll find it’s strong enough to take whatever you hand out, even the most forceful malfunction clearance drills you can muster. You can bet that it’ll take abuse in the field that would put inferior uppers out of service for good. This BCM Upper features a full Mil-Spec forward assist as well as a full ejection port cover. The interior of the Bravo Company M4 upper is coated with Dry Film Lubricant for flawless operation cycle after cycle.

BCM designed this upper with a standard 1913 Picatinny Rail that offers flexible mounting space for optics other accessories. T-markings are laser etched into the upper to assist in the proper remounting of optics. The outer surfaces of the BCM Upper are protected by a Type III, class 2, Anodized Hard Coat. It will resist corrosion and keep your weapon looking Mil-Spec clean even when you take it out to play in less than ideal situations.

This upper is designed specifically for use with barrels equipped with M4 extensions. While it remains a Mil-Spec piece, the inside diameter of the barrel extension has been intentionally machined for a tight fit. This will produce more accuracy in the assembled weapon but may require you to heat the threaded bore to allow easier barrel mounting. You’ll understand why they did it this way when you take a build with a Bravo Company Upper to the range and watch it put the competition to shame.

**Inside Diameter for barrel extension slightly undersized for a tighter fit to the barrel and a more accurate rifle. Please use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up threaded bore of receiver if barrel extension is too tight. (Recommended to be done by certified gunsmith)

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