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Bravo Company MFG (BCM) celebrates 20 successful years in the firearms industry this year. Since its humble beginnings in the garage of a veteran United States Marine in Hartland, Wisconsin, in 2003, Bravo Company has come a long way and emerged as a leading player in the firearms market.

The Rise of BCM

Bravo Company was initially founded to meet the requirements of private security professionals working in combat theaters where reliable Mil-Spec equipment was hard to find. Now, it makes some of the finest and most reliable firearm parts and accessories that serve the US Military Special Operations Units, the Department of Homeland Security, and millions of responsible firearm owners across America.

Impressive Product Range of Bravo Company

Bravo Company makes a wide range of firearms parts and accessories. From complete upper assemblies to smaller parts like triggers, muzzle devices, stocks, grips, and charging handles, Bravo Company USA makes almost every past for the AR platform. Though they are known to be AR-15 and M4 specialists, they also make a wide range of other products, particularly pistols like SIGs and Glocks. They also make excellent tactical gear like mag pouches, med pounces, bags, chest rigs, and plate carriers.

Bravo Company's Commitment to Responsibility

In addition to making some of the finest firearms parts and accessories in the country, Bravo Company is also committed to supporting the 2nd Amendment from the very beginning. As such, Bravo Company has a policy to limit law enforcement departments to the same products that are legally available to responsible private citizens of their state.