• Advanced 2055 Lithium/Aluminum alloy: lighter, stronger, and more rigid
  • Greater corrosion resistance than standard 7075-T6 aluminum upper
  • Forward assist has been removed from upper to reduce weight
  • Pocketed design reduces weight and enhances appearance


  • Material: Billet 2055 Lithium/Aluminum
  • Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized
  • Weight: 5.78 oz.


  • AR-15 lower receiver

*Not compatible with Geissele MK8 rail


If you are perfectly happy with an off the shelf rifle, then don't read any further. However, if you want a weapon that's a cut above the rest then read on. Every build must start somewhere and the heart of your new rifle lies with a V Seven lightweight upper receiver. The right components have to come together to create a great weapon, that weapon starts here.

Why 2055 Upper Receiver? Because It Is Lighter and Stronger!

V Seven surpasses its competitors with their 2055 upper receiver. The industry standard in material for the average AR-15 upper is 7075 aluminum. The V Seven lightweight upper receiver is machined from a lithium/aluminum billet which is superior in every aspect. This material is proven to be lighter and stronger than the industry average, let everyone else settle for average. Additionally, V Seven gives you an upper with more rigidity and corrosion resistance. Is this better than it has to be? Yes, but it's not better than you deserve.

V Seven Lightweight Upper Receiver: Simple, Spartan, Elegance

The V Seven 2055 upper receiver is not adorned with bling that will scream across the range. However, when you hold your rifle and take it all in you just know, this is it. V Seven gets rid of the forward assist and machines away non-critical areas of their 2055 upper receiver. They don't just slash away with weight reduction in mind. When V Seven removes material they do so with the eye of an artist who removes marble from a slab to reveal the masterpiece inside. Whether your end goal is an ultralight build or one that is super-strong, the V Seven lightweight upper receiver is the smart way for you to start.

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